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Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout (2018)

Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout (2018)

Can these movies actually get any better at this point? The action's as heavy as the script is elaborate, and car chases, human chases, helicopter rides, fights in enclosed spaces, charming ladies, spy intermezzos and intrigue all follow one another in what boils down to another pretty serious segment of the franchise.

Tom Cruise is his usual self - which is great, albeit a bit predictable. I'm not certain but it seems Ving Rhames gained a little weight since last. Not that it matters. He stays in the sidelines and plays his part as well as usual.

I'm happy to see Benji (Simon Pegg) get a bit more space, and a bit more professional, all the while retaining just enough of his earlier comedy value.

The characters are all an intricate balance, as are the two girls (or three? Four?), and not to mention: Henry Cavill. That guy's something else. He steals the show, even though Sean Harris is the main villain once again.

It's exciting to know Tom Cruise does as many of his stunts as possible himself, in that you'd better believe the action's as authentic as possible, and whatever stunt doubles participated in those chases were in for some ride. Must have been intense.

It looks serious. It looks good. I'm sure they managed to squeeze in some special effects somewhere, but wherever they are I'm not noticing them. (Well maybe that helicopter part.)

Mission Impossible keeps it authentic as few, and I believe it's mostly because - as with the Bond franchise - they actually do try to keep as much of it as possible real. For real.

It shows not only in the stunts, but in the devices (of course they're props - but well-made props), the characters, and pretty much everything that is Mission Impossible. Out of three movies I watched at the movies this particular day this was most definitely the best of the three, and not just because it was the most serious, and most uncompromising, but just because it's always so thorough. It was great all the way through.

Shame about Alec Baldwin though.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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