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Modern Vampires (1998)

Modern Vampires (1998)

Casper Van Dien, hells yeah! The dude from Starship Troopers. The man.

He's not bad as a vampire either, and this was unexpectedly a both bizarre and classy movie.

On a budget no less! Though aren't the best movies always?

Sometimes when they sink their fangs into people you feel like there oughta be more blood - like they don't seem to be piercing the skin for real, but then again that's really just the impression you get from the newer, gorier renditions of the vampire realm. If they drink the blood why would it squirt all over really? Not natural.

This one's not without gore, just not in those particular moments. Not unnecessarily. More with the stakes than the bites. The bites are romantic.

Dr. Frederick Van Helsing (played by Rod Steige) and his black thug sidekick(s) are the best part though. Comical, intense and scarring. All at the same time. They're a new and unexpected emotional trip each time.

You'll probably recognize some of the other faces and names here too - like the dude who played Dracula. Go look up the list.

Even though it's old this feels like such a fresh take on the vampire genre. Savage and sensual in a special; less serious kind of way. It starts great, and ends unfortunately a little half-assedly... but it did be the rage. Took the vamps: into the new age.

Maybe still one of the best vampire movies up to date.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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