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My cold is gone now, yay, mostly anyway. I woke up at eight, thought I saw a moth in the bathroom, but it might just have been an leftover piece from the not so long ago seized world of dreams that I so easily lease. Been working on two new websites today, done with designs on both, now I'm left with two empty databases and a few pages on each. One will be launching in 2010, the other I'll be posting a link to sometime this week, it's nothing big, stay tuned. ;)

On another note, GBA + niMH batteries don't seem to work well together. I have a battery charger that recharges my niMH batteries in about 20 hours, they have around 2500 mAh each. Fully loaded these batteries give me a rough 5 hours of play time. 5 hours?! With normal batteries my GBA lives for at least a full day, so that's pretty crappy.

I handed in two assignments today, took two walks, finished two websites, ate two meals (so far), watched two hour long lectures, watched two movies, watched two anime episodes, wrote two pieces of poetry, played two levels of Advanced Wars, drank two cups of tea (ten times), installed two new programs, translated two PHP scripts, downloaded two PHP scripts, installed twelve plugins. Damn, pattern broken. As for the hand-ins, one was a 'SondStudie', in English a Cultural Probe, a little quick and dirty survey I did with the help of twenty people and their blogging habits with the purpose of attaining new knowledge on how the perfect blogging script should be formed. Doing the study was a whole lot of fun, writing it down took large amounts of hesitation and time spent doing other things before actually writing the thing. The second project was the perfect blog. It's far from perfect, I know, but it's a blog script I made myself with some of the suggested features in focus, I've handed it in, and will keep testing it and working on a bit before I release it online. I won't be using it myself since I'm already using this superior system you all know as WordPress though, but maybe, you will?

Hmm, so that's today spent. Big poetry update will have to wait until tomorrow.
Goodnight peoples!


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