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Monday, The Day It All Started, Big Post

This is like a superblog. A twentyfive blogs in one blog edition. I'll clap my hands twice if you manage to read through all of it. ;)

Today is Monday. I went to bed early yesterday so I could get up early today. I did, though my long twelve hour sleeping session didn't really go as planned. I ended up waking up five times and playing two rounds of Advanced Wars 2 before I managed to drift away into the land of dreams. Studies are BOOM still incomplete. Feels refreshing... like a bath in battery acid. That's what I'll be doing all day tomorrow, not bathing in acid, I'll be studying. I have a million things I can work on to postpone the inevitable, but I think I'll postpone the postponations and work on the top priorities for a change.

Another change this week is the shape I'm in. I stopped jogging a couple of weeks back, which was a bad step after two months of good discipline, so I'm starting again, goto(goodhshape); begin!

I read about Tony Jaa (best martial artist in the world, IMHO)'s morning workout btw, it lasts about eight hours. He gets up at 5-6, warms up, runs 10km, then meditates and does gymnastics all the way up until lunch... every day. He doesn't lift weights either. I'll be working out like my idol, 'cept I think I'll cut down those eight hours to one.. for starters.. and I think I'll skip the getting-up-at-5 routine too, I'll get up at 6 instead. The sun is way down low all the way till eight anyway, so what does it matter if I sleep or don't sleep?

October overhaul - has been evaded. I started a post on this a while back, but didn't finish everything I should have finished, so here's a massive chunk of abandoned text for you (can't just throw it away when I spent so many minutes on it :P ):

It's this time of the year .... again? I don't think it was like this - this time of the year last year - but this year it really is this kind of time. A time to get things sorted out. CyberD needs to be sorted out, CyberDB too, not Unlyrical, but I felt like sorting that out as well while I was sorting these two other sites out, so it's right in the middle of it. BobAxell needs a facelift too, infact, it hasn't been anything other than a redirect for the past five months, but I'm changing that. Having four personal websites is in my point of view a bit too much, yet I don't want to throw any of them away, and I have valid reasons for keeping each domain. CyberD is a good domain, I want it. CyberDB is the domain that comes with my hosting account, it would be such a hassle to change it. Unlyrical isn't really a problem, it's done, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's a site that sells my lyrics, so it really doesn't have anything to do with these other sites.

As for Bob Axell, that's the domain I first used for this place, but since this place is here now and is it is, I decided to turn BobAxell into a professional personal website. You know, one of those sites all the big movie stars/bands/etc have. With some personal info that isn't really personal but gives the featured character a good image, a stylish and unique layout, some goodlooking photos, a biography if there's time to make one, a shop where you can buy albums/movies/books/whatever, and maybe a gallery or section for videoflicks or things like that. So that's what I'm doing, I made an amazing layout and created: 1.) An introduction 2.) A biography 3.) A discography 4.) A bibliography 5.) A filmography 6.) A photography (more like gallery, but the word just fit so well in with the rest of them) & a contact page. That's it. The 2-5 pages are pretty empty, seeing as I haven't published any music, books or movies yet, but when I do, they will be listed there, along with a link to the shop. I also have a little fancy music player to add to the site once I get some decent music up. The Project Jenkees and Audizzity projects don't count, nor does that album I made for myself five years ago featuring homemade music (no song, except for on the last track, if you can even call it song), they're all just fun personal projects, non-commercial value. As for books, though, they're coming soon, but on to the next site of these four sites I managed to manage today.

It's CyberD! On CyberD I have tweaked the layout, as you if you are a constant visitor may notice, because it did load goddamn slow. Images have been reduced in size, code has been tweaked a bit, and some new spiffy features have been added. I've been finetuning the CSS and finishing all pages, yadadaya, and now, it's done. :) I won't have to worry about changing a thing, or completing some early under-construction features anymore... though of course in due time I will be hit with an undying urge to renew the layout. Notice the tags section, the new stylish menu, the reorganized sidebar, the lack of any "Coming Soon..." texts on various site pages. Woo.

Next, CyberDB. CyberDB was a big pile of work. I went through about half the site before leaving for summer, so now I've completed the other half of the site search and work. Going through directories, transforming old imaged lists and choppy text sections to nice clean CSS, and of course adding a few nice new features such as userbar uploading, poll in Ajax, monthly Webox site, new scripts, new translations, updated WP plugin, new graphics, finished smiley pack v2, and then some. CyberDB is done too, now awaiting future contents new, and weekly updates, maybe sometimes a few. You can read the full update info on the CDB blog.

Unlyrical? Fixed some missed domain names (I changed from .net to .com a while back), added some graphical elements, optimized it a little more for SEO & worked on the graphical interface for the Shops & Samples pages. Those two are still offline though, need a bit more work.

Bob Axell! That's me, and my site is new and functioning.

I've tuned up Axell too, updated scripts, added information & removed a few sections that were never used anyway. Saving space.

Project Jenees 2 is coming soon. I couldn't get enough of recording stuff, twas so fun! Half of the album is done and ready to be uploaded. ;) Don't expect anything spectacular though, it's an even quicker project than the first one was.

Project 2009 is back up! I skipped October so I'd have something exclusive to the book release, but November is here now, so I'm back to posting. Only two months left now. I was a bit unsure if my inspiration would last this long earlier, but it seems to be endless, I've written over six hundred poetical pieces of varied quality and length already just this year. Woah...

Why I'm Vegetarian! Why? Were you wondering? Did you even know I was? Incase questions two or three apply to your common interest, here's the quick explanation. I was allergic as a kid, so my parents stopped serving me meat (@ about 2 yrs of age) and the allergies *big cascade of confetti* just disappeared! BANZAI! I grew up, and I grew wise, and I decided to not started eating meat even when I did have the choice to. It's never been a bordercase for me, I always knew I'd always be vegetarian, and I'm glad my parents decided so way back when or I'd probably never have become one. I don't like the harvesting and caging of animals, or the hunting of wild animals when we could feed upon the green fat of the land instead, all the vitamins/minerals/proteins/etc you need exist in plants, and they taste good if you cook them the right way. I'm not a vegan, I have nothing against milk or eggs as long as the animals producing them are treated right. Humans aren't superior, everyone needs a place in society and if we should be killing lower lifeforms we could be killing ourselves instead. Some say humans taste better, and there are more humans than there are specimens of any other earthly race. I like animals, I wouldn't like eating them. They are wiser than we are in many ways, don't lose respect just because they interact differently.

Minishrimp - the Simple Calculator is a small project I threw together for university a while back. If you know Swedish there will be a simple pun waiting for you along withe the calculator. If you don't, it will still provide you with a nice and simple interface to count with. It's here. I think I might have posted about this before...

Tags, Categories, Etcetera. I'm adding a couple of new categories today. One for Flash & one for Reviews. There might just be too much flash for the Design category, and that's a different category. If you have anything you'd like reviewed, hesitate to ask, but if it's something I really might be interested in I'd be happy to leave a review.

/gallery.html">The Show is my new gallery, still not complete, so this is the first link I'm posting. Have fun!

UPD: The show is not my new gallery, link changed. Blog link changed too. Project 2009 link updated. And that 'Minishrimp' thing seems to be down as well.


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday May/23/2017

    This is like a super-comment...took me about 7.5 years to write

    Today's Tuesday actually...and I stayed up super late so I could wake up super late...

    oh cool me and Tony Jaa have 50% the same workout routine!! He doesn't lift weights; neither do I. getting up at 5 though...hmm, I think I'll got to bed at the time instead after all someone needs to be Tony Jaa while he sleeps.

    CyberD = CyberDb = same thing? what needed to be lifted off your face? You forgot (it's down by the way) linked from your site

    seen it, it's down, and I already knew. When did you become a pescaterian though? or where you one all along? would you eat insects? what about meat that's grown in a factory?

    oh cool bookm- never mind it's down! such is the case with most URLs from last decade.


  2. Cyber
    Tuesday May/23/2017

    I'm glad you took your time and crafted such a perfectly sculpted comment! ;)

    Mmm I stayed up super late but had to get up super early anyway, and am now regretting I didn't get a bit more sleep. Enviable routines...

    XD I think I might be starting with weight... a minute. If I remember correctly that getting up at 6 thing didn't last very long btw.

    Yupp. Used to be two separate sites, but they took too much time to maintain separately so I merged them. You can still use the domain to get here if for some reason you feel like typing an extra letter. ;) Yeah I've gotta update the domain there! And redirect. It's now as soon as I fix the DNS... and stuff. My face lol. This one wart maybe...

    It's up again! Fixed the link.

    I've always been Pescetarian, though not sure how long I've used the 'term'. I guess I assumed people wouldn't know what it was back in the day... or maybe I didn't. Anyhow...

    Insects are fine I think, though so far I've just had the accidental mosquito or ant. Had a debate recently over whether snails are insects or 'meat'. I'd bought a box of 'em to try, certain they were insects, but according to everyone else they're clearly meat sooo not sure what to do with those... as for artificial meat I don't think I'll be trying any of that though. Though moral obligations aren't an issue with factory-grown meat it just feels... wrong. Main reason I didn't eat meat when I was little was health issues too, and I can't imagine factory meat has any benefits there. I feel like non-meat-eaters are generally a lot more peaceful too. You are what you eat. I like who I am... in that regard. So yeah, that's pretty much it. What's your take on factory meat btw?

    XD Yeah apparently university accounts aren't eternal. I have it backed up though. Will be up again eventually.

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