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Monsters (1:42)

Lost in Hell is a single-player game with endless hordes of monsters, grim characters and gritty scenarios! Blast your way through the evils on this atmospheric side-scrolling, with directional freedom to explore and combat, or to flee your enemies and spare ammo.

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Directed by Luan Prates (@Alucard )
Original Soundtrack by Robin Claes (@baryiscool)
Additional Performance Bob Axell (that's me!)

Check out their profiles on NG for more info or music from the game!

It's a good one. A captivating crash-course of carnage in a world gone mad, that's been under development for a number of years now. I was given the honors of writing and recording a little something for the credits, backed by @baryiscool's bangin' instrumental, and this is that. :)

Should be out on all streaming platforms soon too! Check back for links.

Lyrics here.


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