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Montana (2014)

Montana (2014)

Here's a story of a boy and an assassin.

The boy grows up with crooks, working as a courier; aiming to be like them. One day he messes up a delivery, and when he realizes they're about to kill him for it he runs away. He meets another man - also betrayed by those he worked for, and it turns out it's the same man for both of them. The big bad mob boss.

Montana becomes like the son the man never had. Or rather: the son the man lost to the same man who's now trying to kill him. He learns how to fight, and kill, and they embark together on a vendetta to kill the man who caused them so much grief.

I don't mean to downplay the emotional aspects of this movie (the movie did have its moments), but it feels very reminiscent of another movie with another name. Leon. Or how about Colombiana - the modern, glorified version with a female lead. There are probably plenty of others, compared to which it plays a very familiar script, and if not even Colombiana could surpass the original, then how could this?

It's not a bad movie, the actors are good; the action is good; the tension is good as well, but it feels like it's trying to become the classic, and the classic is not so easily become. Not even if the director's the same (which wasn't the case here). Still worth a watch, though. Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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