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More American Graffiti (1979)

More American Graffiti (1979)

More laughs. More music. Was that what the first one was really all about?

Six years after the original and here they go again! Only this time it's a hippy movie, the Vietnam War is going and Terry's been drafted, John's still racing and the others are all having certain troubles with their relationships.

Compared to the first movie they apparently opted for more comedy than anything else here, for a faster pace, for flipping between stories and fates of the individual characters in a more rapid-fire way and keeping it all the more lively and meaningful... and unfortunately it failed.

It comes across feeling messy and repetitive, without much more to offer than the last one did. Or even what the first one did, for that matter. The mood's so different.

If you saw the original then you've seen this one already, just avoided all the extra clutter. This might've been all the more relevant at the time but now... it feels meaningless. The subtle social commentary going on alongside character relations is all too locked into the time to feel relevant now, and it's less about the people and more about the world as a whole.

At least that's my theory as to why this didn't hold up so well.

It has its moments, it was fun to see a Swede portraying an Icelander in the mix and all, but it didn't have much to offer beyond that. Filming feels a bit cleaner, and more creative, but also not as focused. It's all over the place. If fits the name better maybe but not my taste buds. And that's what me and movies are all about. CDB over and out.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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