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Moth (2016)

Moth (2016)

A teacher and her student travel to the European countryside to investigate 22 recent Mothman sighting reports, but what begins as an attempt to stop a catastrophe becomes a nightmarish fight for survival.

The story follows Thora and Adam (Lídia Szabó and József Gallai) - supposedly a Swede and a Uktrainian with English background, who venture to the countryside, in a car, looking for those sightings mentioned above.

It starts fairly normal, with Blair Witch Project-style filming that seems to promise something similarly sinister, but is also a bit distracting. The fact that it's also made with an impressively low budget (just $7,500) made me question from the get go if the filming was a result of that low budget, or if it really was intentional. Usually when I watch even B-movies I'm surprised at how much they seem to cost though, so I was happy, but a bit skeptical, that it might be possible to make a decent movie with so little.

Once the characters start talking you start getting bad vibes though. Their accents are a big part of the distraction - it doesn't seem to be intentional since they're supposed to be from England in the movie, but even if the characters manage to seem somewhat authentic, the dialog doesn't at all. The script turned out better than expected, but the communication kills it. That, and the anticipation that in the end... doesn't lead anywhere at all.

It did have a few interesting twists, and they managed to bring the suspense levels high, but eventually it drags on a bit too long. The characters grew on me - even the gruff Adam, and they seem to grow on each other as well, but in the end I'm lost. The twist's clear, and sad, but the rest is too cryptic. Did he see the creature? Did Adam stab himself? What happened? Thanks to the relative obscurity of this film there seem to be no answers online, though no doubt more people wonder about the ending - the buddy I watched it with didn't get it either.

In the end it was decent, with an unexpected twist and a good build-up, but unfortunately not used to it's fullest, and disappointing conclusive clarity. Could they have done more with this budget? Is that the issue? It showed promise, but didn't quite get there.

 rated 2/5: decent


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