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I watch a lot of movies. Since 20something I decided to post a review for all the ones I watch... and I think that slowed me down a bit, but you can still expect a few new reviews at least every other week, only here at CDB.

The genres vary, but I love action and science fiction in particular. I tend to watch mostly the newest, but love the old. Grindhouse. Exploitation. Martial arts and HK action. You'll find bits and pieces from a myriad of times and genres within these posts! I aim to write personal reviews, with mainly first impressions and other observations, basic plot summaries and tidbits of relevant information. Though sometimes I get carried away.

I don't see myself as a true aficionado, but rather a big fan. I watch movies to escape reality, feel things, and to be inspired and entertained. Different types, different reasons - and there are types for everything! It's like a whole universe of it's own.

Read a recent ramble on my ratings here.

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