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Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppable (2010)

Unstoppable is a movie about a train that won't stop.

A few people play key roles in the story. Among them there's Denzel Washington as a very experienced railer and then there' that actor who played the captain in the Star Trek movie from 2009, Chris Pine was the name, as an inexperienced conductor. Both have great charisma and really fit in the leading roles. There are a few other interesting people in the mix, among them a pony-tailed cowboy with a red truck and that stupid guy from My Name Is Earl. I've been wondering if he really is stupid or just acts stupid, so I decided to look him up. The name is Ethan Suplee, and though I haven't seen a movie (or series) where he doesn't play someone stupid, it seems like he really isn't, which suddenly makes him a much more admirable actor. I haven't cared for actors earlier, I just watched the movies, so what's with this sudden change I wonder?

Anyway, the movie starts with the stupid guy losing his train. The train speeds up, without air brakes, apparently carrying a few containers of something really toxic that could do great damage like leveling out a whole town for added suspense and the two main actors just happen to be on the wrong track at the right time. It all ends with... well, I probably shouldn't say, go watch it. Overall it's a movie filled with suspense and a lot of trains, so if you like trains, you might like this movie. I don't know if the trains act like they do in reality or if enthusiasts will be disappointed by the lack of realism, but it looks real to me. The filming is great, the acting is great, the soundtrack is gritty and fitting and there's always something happening. There are no real villains, no guns, and few explosions, yet still they managed to keep up the pace.

This movie gets a strong

 rated 3/5: not bad

by me, clearly good, worth watching.

Faster (2010)

Faster (2010)

First thing I thought when I started watching the movie was, wait, isn't that The Rock?

The movie kept going, and all the time I kept on thinking, yeah, it really does look like him, but after a while I came to the conclusion that it wasn't, it couldn't be, he looked different somehow. I don't know what exactly, not as tall, maybe a bit bigger, maybe a bit... older? He's changed a bit, but I guess I should have paid more attention to the introductory credits instead of pondering over the similarities all through the movie, because it certainly was him.

Faster was a pretty gritty movie, a good blend of action and regular dialogue between interesting people. There isn't much real violence, but where there is, it's real, it looks good, it feels just right. The characters are all pretty depressing people, yet the movie isn't as dark as it might have been had they filmed it differently. The story isn't anything new, a story of betrayal and payback, but it works.

There's also a contract killer movie star that kills for a dollar, a quarter per bullet. There's a preacher, there's a good cop, a bad cop, an old man, a family, there's not very many people on the way towards retribution, but the ones that are there are all well picked, they form the story, they bring up values of life and manners, loyalty, perspective, and the movie puts it in pictures that are easy to understand.

I guess I liked this movie because it's simple, and it's well made, all the actors do a good job and the filming is done so that you don't really notice it, it just flows on. There's a car chase, there are a couple of shootouts, a knife fight... there is action. These scenes aren't long, but they're just right, just like they should be. Along with the main character we get to follow a car as well, a Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and the short scene where it spins around and tears up an infinity sign (vertical eight) with its tires on the asphalt is probably my favorite part. It's small elements like this, angles, actions & other events that make the movie what it is.

It's not an amazing movie, with beautiful scenery and gigantic explosions, but still it strikes me now that I'm writing this review that I really have nothing to complain about with it. Whomever made it didn't try to make it something greater than what it was. It's down to earth, it's just right. The actors don't stand out intentionally, they build up their character, they don't get a head start, and it's the same thing with all other elements of the movie. Hope you know what I mean because my try at explaining it sucks. ;)

I'll give it a

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


Total Action & The Not So Happy Ending

I watched Total Action over at Voddler, rated it and read a few reviews, and 2 out of 8 thought the ending was funny. Funny? It's tragic as hell (spoiler starts here btw)! The hero dies FGS!

Ok, maybe not that tragic... it's satisfying. He has avenged his boss, his dear friend, saved the kids, made them all get closer together, and he wasn't such a great person anyway... but he's dead, and he was the kind of main person you gain sympathy for. I don't get how that can called funny, what twisted sense of humor do people have?

It's the same thing as calling any other movie than Inception epic. Only one movie is granted such a label. If there's more than one there's no longer any truth to it. That's like calling any drama movie a comedy, because it has a happy ending, sure you can play by the dictionary if you like, but the word has grown into something completely different now than what it really is (should I say was?). When you say comedy you mean something that you can laugh at, you don't mean something you don't cry at, that's like pleading to the cops that you're innocent because you didn't kill the victim. I could throw in a hundred more comparisons, but I hope you get the point.

Total Action does not have a funny ending.

Silent Hill (2006)

Silent Hill (2006)

If we're speaking horror movies, this here is an all-time favorite. Before the movie I never really played any of the games it's based on (I did start up the game the movie was based on and saw through the intro sequence, but then it crashed so that doesn't count) or anything else, I didn't know anything about Silent Hill. I don't know who told me about the movie or if I stumbled upon it somewhere online, maybe I watched the trailer (it was a few years back now), but I'm happy I watched it. It wasn't one of the scariest movies I've seen, but it was eerie in its own way, the whole post-apocalyptic ghost-world (I won't say more than that, might spoil it for you people), the town being forgotten, the bridge into nowhere, the darkness creeping in... all of those things built up an atmosphere no other movie I know has. (more…)

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Usually I just type about good movies I've seen recently, so I tried recalling a bad movie I watched, and I thought of Mortal Kombat.

The reason I thought of this specific movie is not only because it sucks, but because I watched it again yesterday. I remember thinking that it was a decent movie the first time I saw it, but strangely I don't remember much of anything from the movie (maybe I'm mixing it together with one of the sequels?), so I watched it again, and eh, hmm, it didn't impress. The movie starts off with Johnny Cage fighting off a few stunt-man, and the scene is terrible, the moves are all slow and clearly timed and lacking any professionalism... but since the scene ends with him saying "This is where you're supposed to fall" to one of the stunt-men who isn't really doing a good job and then walking off the set complaining about how bad the actors are... maybe that's how it's supposed to be.

Yepp, that's what I thought, until I saw the rest of the movie. Almost all of the fights suck. The moves are as basic as they can get and it's clear that only a couple of the actors actually know martial arts (the two Asian ones, duh), yet their talents don't get portrayed very well either. (more…)

Despicable Me (2010)

Despicable Me (2010)

Watched this movie a while back, so here are my belated opinions on it, in simple forms.

It starts out good, the movie kicks off with a little intro sequence featuring the main character and a catchy hiphop tune with the movie title commonly used within it. The main character is a classical villain, always wanting to be as bad as possible (though in a nice classical-villain-y way) and the movie starts with someone (other than him) stealing the pyramid. He gets a bit depressed that there are apparently bigger villains than himself, and just then three kids knock on his door selling cookies. He shouts that he isn't home, and a beautiful friendship starts!

Along with the three kids, the arrival of an unexpected nemesis, his army of small yellow funny-looking creatures with goggles & a lot of strange high-tech equipment along with a white-haired professor the movie manages to deliver an amusing story of which the ending I shall not reveal.

It didn't really stun me though. It was well-animated, with a decent soundtrack, decent characters & a decent story... but somehow it just didn't have anything in it that let it surpass this decency level and rise up into the hall of fame for animated movies. Just another good movie, nothing more than that. I can't really relate to the characters, the emotions never get very tense within the movie (even though it looks like they tried)... yeah, it lacks something.

So why am I writing this review? Well, seems like the world thinks higher of the movie than I did. I enjoyed watching it, but it won't get more than a...

 rated 3/5: not bad

Good movie, no more or less.

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