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Priest (2011)

Priest (2011)

Judge Dredd, Sin City, Watchmen, Wolfenstein... with a twist! Vampires. And the church. And priests. Steampunk and badlands.

It's a strange blend of traditional and sci-fi, with an animated intro, and a dusty voyage through a gray world in search of love, and familiarity, and answers, and judgement...

It was great. Fighting choreography swift - although clumsy in the beginning. Special effects still work - though jumps and similar don't always seem to carry weight. God does work in mysterious ways but... feels like a possible sign of aging. There must be something.

Story-wise I feel it all passed by a bit too fast. The dreams. The conflict. The resolution. It's swift, like it should be - like the bidding they do in the name of the one and only, but still... feels like it could've gone deeper. Could've had a bit more depth. Could've built up more. Or maybe it's the world that seems a bit too empty? The statues were awing, but it could have had something... something more beyond those desolate plains... maybe? A more diminishing end? A more concluding one...? Though Paul Bettany's really perfect in his role, almost as much so as Karl Urban the villain. Former comrades turned fiends by the twisted trails of fate.

I like the atmosphere too! It's Cell-like. Like The Cell-like. Dusty and dystopian in a comfortably otherworldly apocalyptic kind of way.

Those parallels too. The church we serve in the name of something greater. Applicable to all. Like the guise of commerce we follow under the name of state. Whatever you believe in: fetch something in this wake.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


Buffalo Soldiers (2001)

Buffalo Soldiers (2001)

When there's peace, a warring man attacks himself. So really there is no peace. There's always war. Somewhere. With someone. And that's what this is all about. A war against boredom. A war against poverty. A war against a father for his daughter's hand, as the wall between East and West Berlin starts to crumble... something like that.

This one went further than I expected it to. Bizarre. Ironic. Savage. Comical... in a dark kind of way. I thought I wouldn't like it when it all started, but when it's all over? Hell yeah Buffalo Soldier.

I love the soundtrack too. I love everything. It's a Donnie Darko kind of strange on a shooting range. Whole rooms full of fumes. Favorable minds left to spend some time on the other side... that's how we vibe.

Spoils of war. Maybe also a little moral to it all. Joaquin Phoenix always kills it, but so does everyone here. Fantastic movie.... but maybe you'd better not watch it expecting it. It's the unconventional kind of.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Triple Threat (2019)

Triple Threat (2019)

It's like the Expendables of Asia! Plus Michael Jai White andM ichael Bisping. And Scott Adkins! Actually scratch that. It's like an Expendables with a bit more focus on martial arts though. So many good names here, the main three being Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen and Iko Uwais. You know the action's going to be good just by the cast list. JeeJa Yanin AKA the female Tony Jaa has a small role too, and there's a few more notable ones.

English not being the native tongue of the main trio unfortunately comes through a bit much - the main characters feel out of place occasionally, and that does weaken the score a little. But you do enjoy it regardless. For the fights. For the multicultural incentive - action movies bridging the continental divide and all. For Uwais the one always dealt the damage, Jaa the savage, Tiger the polished. And Michael Jai White so good it doesn't ever seem anyone has a chance against him. Though maybe Scott Adkins would've compared, too. Unfortunately they're on the same side.

Good movie but... script/progression feels a little lacking sometimes. The action's great, everything else... not quite there yet.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Coldblooded (1995)

Coldblooded (1995)

Now this was an interesting one! A sort of family-friendly movie about a booker who becomes a hitman, and meets a girl (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), and how his life is thereof and therefore entirely flipped upside down.

It's not really though. It may be in an autistic way. It's never entirely certain if he's a psychopath or an autist, but it seems probable it's the latter, filmed in a time when autism maybe wasn't a common currency and Napoleon Dynamite-like lack of responsiveness was a thing you could play around with still without categorization. Though that one came later.

It's filmed well. It's on point. Jason Priestley really manages the lack of emotion well - or lack of suitable emotional responses, and the intense moments are a weird kind of intense where it really is a life and death situation, but you wouldn't know it. Dark humor? Probably.

It's somewhat predictable in the end, but the personal encounters are all gold - especially the one with Randy, and I was pretty surprised to see Michael J. Fox in the mix for a moment too. Albeit in a very momentary and mortal role.

It does things differently, this one. I'm glad. Though the lack of emotion maybe also leads to it all being somehow a little anti-climatic.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Mortal (2020)

Mortal (2020)

AKA Torden. What's up with that translation?!

If the title doesn't clue you in immediately, this is a movie about Thor.

Or more so the descendant thereof. A more traditional - less grandiose - but equally awesome and modern (comparing to the Marvel Universe counterpart here) rendition thereof.

Though I actually didn't realize this until a while in, even though I saw the movie knowing the original name. And it might be better if you don't know, too. If you start watching without expectations and let them grow as the story unfolds. But how can you do that if you've read this far now? Never mind. Hope it still upholds a certain sense of magic regardless.

The cast's small but functional. One American, and a bunch of Norwegians, and occasionally a crowd.

The scaled down cast makes it intimate sometimes, but sometimes also unfortunately lacking - like the news stories and crowds don't hold as much weight when they're as small as they are here. It needs to be the whole world to really be epic - and though they manage that in part by adding in some foreign elements among the 'villains', that link doesn't really come across. You still just see Norway. Norwegians. Small place. Limited scale of potential doomsday event.

The lightning's where it shines though. And with the views (fjords are nice). And with the effects, which are occasionally impressively well done.

Nat Wolff's tattered body coverage may occasionally almost look like a tattoo, the hallway encounter wasn't as emotional as I hoped it would be, and it ends in a bad way, but still. It's got something special going for it.

The people. The lights. The places. They build. They managed it pretty well after all. Better than Gundala even. Different though these similarly supernatural cinematized tales may be.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Misfits (2021)

The Misfits (2021)

After being recruited by a group of unconventional thieves, renowned criminal Richard Pace finds himself caught up in an elaborate gold heist that promises to have far-reaching implications on his life and the lives of countless others.

Pierce Brosnan doesn't really seem to fit in at all here, but it was a charming movie no matter. Not all bad. Feels like he did his part, just wasn't really the best one for it; maybe didn't have the supporting cast he would've needed.

It's a trip. A tale of goodwill and conning. All rich and luxurious, just with a little simple script; a little simple enacting and everything. It had an Oceans 11 kind of Heist vibe that I really liked, just didn't hit the mark there perfectly; didn't execute the planning/execution stages as flawlessly. Nor the character characters. I liked Rami Jaber and Jamie Chung in particular. The rest were alright. Nick Cannon's comedic acting goes a little overboard - that's maybe the bit that annoys me the most.

If you want a refreshingly light action movie with class and an enjoyable envoy of characters you might like this one! It's not perfect, but not bad, and the sceneries are something else.

If you don't happen to already live in Dubai.

 rated 3/5: not bad

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