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Multiverse (2019)

Multiverse (2019)

AKA Entangled

Four brilliant university students are forced to confront themselves in terrifying ways when their Quantum Physics experiment leads to an entangled parallel existence that leaves them questioning who they are and what is real.

This movie had such a beautiful intro. Liquid and particle effects. Perfection. Better than Bond. The typography was on point too. It had me real hyped for the actual movie to come and then...

It's that kind of movie too huh! Flawless in all but the car crash, with a little twist at the end that you might think might have been a twist, to distract you from the real one.

Mix in either a little multiple timeline or verse theory and it gets magical huh? Or murderous. Or both. At least in the movies. And there is an infinite number of multiverses...

Moral of the story: Don't drive in the dark, or while tired and out of focus.

The ending's both chilling and cathartic innit.

Great movie.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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