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Music Lost At NG

A little more than a year ago now, close to two years actually, my account from NG was hacked. Most of the material was backed up, but there was a lot that wasn't. Recently I've been going through the Wayback Machine picking up old blog posts of interest that I hadn't posted anywhere else and I skimmed through my submitted music as well looking for stuff I posted that are no longer to be found anymore, thought I'd post the list for reference, here it is:

  • Another Tribute to Punk-o-Matic (3)
  • Backup (4)
  • Basic Beat 1-20 (2)
  • Climin 1 (2)
  • Climax 1-2 (3)
  • Cyberstyle 1-8 (4)
  • Cycle 1-9 (3)
  • Deluded (3)
  • Distortion (3)
  • Dreamy (3)
  • Etc 1-8 (2)
  • Ease 1-9 (3)
  • Enter My Matrix (4)
  • Enter My Matrix Again (3)
  • Extreme (4)
  • Ghostish (3)
  • Hiphop Loop 1-3 (3)
  • Ledge of Monotony (2)
  • Ledge of Monotony (remix) (2)
  • Perfect 1-6 (4)
  • Powerfull 1-8 (4)
  • Punkomaticmania 1-4 (3)
  • Restless (4)
  • Shine (5)
  • Shine (Remix) (4)
  • Spacedout (3)
  • Spooked 1-6 (3)
  • Tribute to Evil Dog (3)
  • Tribute to Punk-O-Matic (2)
  • Twisted Mentality (4)
  • Twisted Reality (4)
  • Your Mind (3)

The numbers within the ()s are the ratings, on average if applied to a whole series. All in all it's 70-80 tracks lost, most weren't all that great, but of course some of them were. Shame.

I lost a few flash submissions too, old ones, not important. The blogs I lost weren't of much importance either, but along with all the comments, and the reviews on the submissions. Shame again.

I can get back a big chunk of reviews and comments through the Wayback Machine, but I won't. I would if I had less. The Wayback Machine is slow (well, indexed HTML sites that try to fetch scripts and images that no longer exist are slow, the archive in itself is pretty fast) and with a few ten thousand reviews and comments to fetch it doesn't sound like a tempting idea, lmao. Remembering that I had that much once upon a time is enough for me. ;)


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