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Music is life and life is music. It's everything. It's the very fabric of our souls. It's the bread that we eat everyday, the drug that we constantly crave and the axis at the center of our seemingly meaningless existence. What, it's not like that for you too? Just wait till you hear my music...

I've been around sound for as long as I can remember. I took piano lessons when I was small, guitar lessons when I still wasn't very large, and I've been writing my own lyrics since elementary school. It's elementary. I lost interest in instrumental practice along the way here, but my fascination for melody and lyrics is still undead. So I keep recording and making music even though I can't really play the piano anymore (moral of the story - don't stop practicing!).

Though I'm far from fluent in the use of instrumental devices I like to think I am insanely musical still. I love trying new devices that emit interesting sounds and I also like to drum on all drummable surfaces in a frenzy of endless rhythmical variation that drives any listening bystanders insane. It keeps me sane. I'm probably great at Bongo drums too.

It took me a bit longer to get started with digital music creation, but after being introduced to Dance Ejay in school I was instantly addicted to the art of musical creation by keyboard. Keyboard as in the one with numbers and letters usually seen in conjunction to a computer... not synth. Though I no longer create digital music with the same intensity as I did when I started out I do pick up the process every once in a while. For now I work primarily with text, sound comes second. The chronological list of projects I've worked on can be seen to the right. Soundtracks, mixtapes, poetry, etc... a little bit of many things.

I've worked with Cubase, FL Studio, Midimaker, Reason, Sony Acid & Ejay in many shapes and editions and I love trying new programs. The one program I use most however is still the only free one in the list, Audacity. Even though the software I use is so pro all recordings are done far from studio, for the most part with my loyal digital voice recorder, so the vocal recordings you find here aren't the best of quality, but as they say, it's the inside that counts. I mean, it's the content, not how it sounds... right?

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