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The Chimes is a series of musical/vocal experiments I started working on during the year 2009 and a project that is yet today active. Suddle Chimes was the first project, a series of one hundred melodic recordings with vocals only created during two months. Muddled Chimes is an extension of this project created during two days featuring forty six tracks. Dim Chimes has yet to be completed even though its sequel Skim Chimes (featuring 20 quick tracks) was released during the start of 2010. More experimental collections of this sort are not planned but may appear if and when inspiration strikes. The list and links to these collections can be found below:

  1. Suddle Chimes (2009)
  2. Muddled Chimes (2009)
  3. Dim Chimes (2010)
  4. Skim Chimes (2010)
  5. Skill Chimes (2011)
  6. Bin Chimes (2011)
  7. Pummel Chimes (2014)
  8. Sunday Chimes (2016)
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