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Deep Space

Deep Space

Deep Space (originally 'Darkness Inside') is the name of an audio project made for school in which I was in charge of background audio effects and music. We wrote a story with the same name written specifically for this project and recorded it with the musical eeriness below as background. It turned out really good!

What I recall from the story is that it took place in a spaceship, where a virus ran rampant killing the people onboard and turning them into demonic beasts. Silent Hill style. I didn't write the story, but you'll find the remaining bits and pieces of the background sound below. There isn't a lot since the script was for the most part read in silence, these sounds just faded in and out in the background every once in a while when things started to get really exiting. :)

Apart from the background music I played the vocals as well. People gave me a lot of praise for my narrative efforts, so this is a project I remember with a smile.

The Tracks (0:48)

Background Creepy

Deep Space


Also, two included effects left out in the playlist above:

Getting Serious (0:03)

SFX Planet (0:01)

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