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Music I made during the year of 2003! Due to a computer crash some of my earliest audio was lost forever. This was when i first started messing around with music making programs. Tracks below are made using Dance Ejay 3 and Markoolio SE.

Awake to your Sleep [885 KB]
Sounds as deep as the title does.

Cyberacid [1 MB]
A different kind of difference ... with acid.

Difference [2 MB]
My first piece of sound created. Using Dance Ejay 3.

Difference Remade [314 KB]
A remake of my greatest hit! Very low quality though

Hiphop da life [1.3 MB]
Hiphopish theme made with Markoolio SE.

Hiphop da life Again [879 KB]
The Sequell.

Solidfog [3.4 MB]
This is what solid fog sounds like.

Sweet [616 KB]
A nice hiphop tune.

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