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I got Fruity Loop Studio in the beggining of the year. All of this is put together using FL Studio 5. It was really complicated working with in the beginning, but I got better, check out this years FL evolution!

Are Guitar [885 KB]
It are guitar. Heavy rhythm.

Creep [1 MB]
I was inspired by Doom and tried to create some Doomish music!

CuT W-Wish [2 MB]
Tried mixing up some cuts from W-Wish intro theme. The original song is great... this isn't really, creative though, lol...

Diano [744 KB]
Diana Piano.

Dobberman [1.4 MB]
Big Fierce Bloodthirst Dobberman-dogs on your back, running right behind you...

Easybeat [677 KB]
Just an easy beat.

Guitarismo [1.2 MB]
Strong guitar song.

Guitloop [752 KB]
A simple guitar loop.

Hitek [806 KB]
High tech techno.

Mega Monotony [540 KB]
This IS monotonous.

Messup [322 KB]
Sounds messed up, doesn't it? I can't say I spent a lot of time on this...

Mi [2.6 MB]
My first track made with FL studio! On a demo version too so I couldn't save, made it in about 3 hours.

Noevaay [1.6 MB]
NO WAY. Really great rhythm in this one. =)

No Sound [939 KB]
Actually it's more of the opposite, but a nice contrast.

Rythellum [1 MB]
A rhythm hell asylum.

Speedevil [1.8 MB]
Fast Cyberdevilish dNb.

Stepdup [1.7 MB]
Step by step it goes up up and up!

Think That [1.9 MB]
My second FL studio project, I was messing around with the loops and the speech that came with the program.

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