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INK 20

It's finally out y'all! Today without stall. It may be dated, but now it's here to play for years without a playlist! All newly mastered and cleaned! And by that I mean it's made as can be by all possible states of being as in us human machines with veins and interior arterials: the maybe greatest.

And it may get better the more you listen.

It may not be the greatest all the way but dare I say it's great in vision.

And in wordplay addiction. And for change nutrition. If you have a boombox then let it rage on systems, that are made for music, not just estranging you kids! The ones that were all the rage back in the glory days when all was straight, when you had to rewind your tapes but there was no war in Ukraine. When at least peace momentarily reigned supreme and all was green.

When the corona didn't keep us apart but had us in parks emceeing. When the heads of states encouraged the arts and the rivers flowed, with a blue light, and good acts rolled like dominoes.

But have some hope y'all, be kind. Pay these bollards, no mind.

You can get wherever you want if you only climb!

Thanks for listening.

And thank you Nick, you musical chef for this master kitchen.

Additional Mixing and Mastering by Nick Standing (@Jabun) at JabunAudio.

If for any reason you want to go back and compare the originals are here. ;)

You can download the above in full for free here.

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