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Muddled Chimes is a musical/vocal experiment and the 2nd in the Chimes series, featuring 47 original pieces of poetry written by Bob Axell on the 5th and 6th of February 2009. The name Muddled refers to the lower quality in this collection, which was quickly recorded as inspiration arrived and quickly discarded of when inspiration left. All chimes can be listened to separately or via the playlist below. Enjoy!

Chimes Muddle! Grim like a muddy puddle! Prime full of fine words cuddle! With the verse of shiny rubble. ( Feb 5/6 2009 )

Playlist (23:55)

00 Edont (0:50)

Folks, I hope you know that I enjoyed Suddle Chimes so much, that I just couldn't stop recording works as such.

In fact I try to act, I try to attain flush in poker play with lumps of lush no joke I've tried so much, and still!

It is just my will and my award for out of the stone breaking free the sword to all of this artistry for myself record.

And if you enjoy it too, for others in the world, because all of this semiswiftsounding surrounding has a moral sometimes astounding.

Sometimes meanings degraved out of feelings depraved some are boldly engraved some others might be harder to find, but...

The greatest gift we have is mind and I sure use mine when I write my chimes I just can't stop, why? Because these pieces are so short!

Or so long, free to distort, to form, to move on, to recreate, to decipher, to endow, for me, this freedom in both sound and words is the purest.

Of pure poetry...

01 Natural Bond (0:38)

Of all this all is all
Feel free to stand or fall
I can't stop you I can't move on
If my movements are stopped by dawn

Of all that is tall and grey
Is the night in which darkness I sway
In the bright day to rest myself I lay
Down in the dirt that smells, disgusting

For normal people, but me! It has a scent
That I could buy with the world for the world
I can't get enough of my money well spent
It is nature

It seems there is a common point we have
Not the blood or night or power but the brown
Siftling swiftly liftning dusty adrifting pitch
That rinnngs like a bell of heaven

02 Fails Attempt (0:30)

I can't stop you now
That this silence

03 Stopping The Bombs (0:25)

Make a break for the hatred
Leave it alone
Let it break down and mature
And grow to be honed

Make a break for the violence
Let it find peace
Then maybe someday all of our wars
Will sieze

04 Aw Hell, Spawned (0:20)

I can't write poetry with adding a little speed
Maybe some monotony to take the edge away from my creed
I can't do drugs I don't even smoke I never choked on weed smoke
I'm not a true believer but I do see you! So go away!


05 Standing Upto The Demanding Dopefools (0:39)

If you're lost
Don't wait to be found
Don't just die down
Don't just dive down to the ground

If you're lost
Don't wait to get back
Because YOU have to find the way yourself
Be through with relying on everyone else

If you're a loser
Don't wait to become
Someone so much cooler
Cause that's just dumb

They'll stuff you in a cooler
Do strange things to your nun
It might not be nice of them NO WAY
But you just gotta stand up and SAY

Get your point across

06 Relentlessly Wandering (0:37)

Why do we rhyme
All of these lines
Make them combine
And sound so fine

Why do I say we
When I'm really just me
Maybe I'm just fused to believe
That this is a true community

Why do I type
Each line like I like
And put these phrases
Set up in four

Is it to divide
Is it to organize
Or do I just like four more than
Any other numbers

07 Wonder Relentless (0:42)

If this is a form
How is this form formed
I see no symmetry
To keep my cool warm

If this is a phase
How much can it take
I don't see no limits
I don't see a point to break

If it has no breaking point
Is there a point to break its joint?
If there is no filling line
Is there a point to fill it fine?

If there is no riddle that
You can solve with a Googling gad?
Jet. I don't think you'll react
When I end this with endless.

08 Wandering Relentlessly (0:19)

I think that
There's a meaning in all I type
I think that
I do change when I grab my Mic

I think that
There's a being behind all I write
I don't drink to
Find out, I just confuse your, mind out

09 Wonder Wander (0:36)

When I have a question on my mind
Or something on my brain
And I just can't stop thinking about it
Whatever the wonder, no shame

I just take a walk outside
Be it sun or rain
And I let the nature collide
And solve my mental migraine

If it's a hard problem, I walk along
I don't walk fast, but I do walk long
If it's an easy problem, then I don't walk
I just sit inside and line vibes with chalk

And if I can't answer the question in mind
And if there's no one I can ask that will find
An answer to the question then I outlet
My question on the net, and then I just forget

About it

10 Wander Wonder (0:21)

Sometimes when I walk along
I feel my legs are pumped up and strong
And then I just feel like I should run
So I run along and I have so much fun

But then this idea pops into my brain
And it bothers me, and I slow down again
And I slow down more and then suddenly I stop
And I don't even notice, I just stand there shocked

11 Relentless Wander (0:26)

I love to walk I could hike for miles
I ran around when I was a child
But as I grew older I stopped running and just strolled
For kilometers, miles, really I don't know

I could walk the day out, I could walk all night
As long as I have food in my tummy and a bright flashlight
I haven't ever walked more than two and a half Swedish miles
Mind you, but be sure the walk will find you

But I know that I could walk all day if I would!
Because I just love walking, like mankind should.

12 Slush Dished (0:33)

Do you realize how I slur? How my minds blend together and blur.
When I've tried speaking and rhyming peacefully for a few minutes without seizing stream.
Actually it's been an hour already, despite your hesitant belief, because before this poetical chime be ready.
The nighttime will probably have been breached.

But, ehhh, that doesn't really matter.
I'll blurr more now than latter.
I plan on just taking a rest
And labeling my fractions with titles I detest.

Or make them titleless, so you know, which contain pure and unreal flow.
Or just gibberish like this listed slush dished.

13 It Snows! (0:21)

It snows outside!
And that makes me happy
Because it seems winter survived!
All the way to this day.

It snows with pride!
Heavily and I'm clapping
My hands together in joy!
I've loved snow since I was just a little three and a half year old boy.

14 /Upcoming Challenge (0:35)

I sprained my ankle three days ago when climbing the mountain of sand.
There aren't many of them here, just this one close by and I land.
A bit twisted it seems, I've wondered if the event was in a dream.
Because at the time I could feel nothing at all, I didn't trip or twist no shit I didn't even fall!

But that doesn't matter today, my ankle feels better and I can walk anyway.
I just walk slow and it looks a bit strange and I'm getting a new guitar tomorrow.
I'll have to go get it, and walk a lot, it's second hand, but just a year from the shop.
And then I'll have to carry it home, and that big boxed speaker.

Lucky for me I have a steady left sneaker.

15 /Febuary 5 (0:16)

Today is the day when I get a lot done
I do what I do and I have a little fun
Watch movies maybe two or one and record a chime that weighs a ton
It's a day that I'll remember and this day has just begun

16 Too Silent Tune (0:28)

Legend of the master speaker
Legend of the master speaker
Do I speak like a master keeper?
Or must I call the grim grim reaper?

To silence tune.

Legend of the master speaker
Laster of the legend master
It's a disaster when I mash my seasonings
With a rash and or fever

A silent tune.

17 Silent Tunes (0:40)

Don't be caught in solitude!
Don't be caught in dissaray! Doubt!
When you're caught in silent tunes!
There's just no way to get out!

Don't be caught in soiled misuse!
Don't be caught in fiction! Fear!
Cause you can't shout if you can't speak!
Are you listening, hear!

The memoirs singing of sadness
On the time when they had a voice
But they could not save you from badlands
In fact it was all your choice

The memoirs scream that you left them
But you just don't listen or hear
There is no way to get out of the doubt
The boundaries you cannot tear, yourself

18 Opium Gold (0:32)

Opium Gold
The ultimate treasure

Opium and Gold
Combined in one form

Opium Gold
All money can measure

Opium Gold
Will wage wonder and war





19 When It Cracks Down (0:25)

If you didn't find satisfaction
Not even in your dreams
Why not search for a counter reaction
Go ahead, by all means

If you can't find love, focus on hate
If you can't find divine minds, then make
Your own

Don't hesitate
We're all homegrown primates of this planet

20 Save It For A Snowy Day (0:37)

Rainy days I just sit inside
And write all the things that are on my mind
What about snowy days? Are they alike?
Can I combine these two chimes with my rhythm?

I'd like to write a portal
But what will it be for?
No use to hide a key
If I don't make a door now

If there is peace in place
Should I then wake war?
Just to mend my mediocre mistakes
Of ideals that I still won't die for

Rainy days I just sit inside
I wonder about death, love, hate, life, strife
What about snowy days? Would it be alright?
To do the same thing now, as I did then

If I did it once, I suppose, I can do this again.

21 City Lights (0:29)

I can't fly
I just lie
On the ground
And see the stars up in the

At least I try
But they fade
With the fury of city lights!

Wipe away
All that's good and exchange it
With gray!

The stars fade
I lie in shade
I see just shadows
It still feels like seventh grade

22 Grim Grey (0:28)

Oh the flow
Can you feel it go
To the ceiling low
Like the eels that grow

On the bottom
Of the lake
I never make

I just got to
This place
It's a shop full
The candle fades

And I am
By darkness
It steps


23 Sleeping Soldiers (0:24)

When it ends
Why do you pretend
That the world
Is all over

Because I don't regret
I don't depend
On the words
Of soldiers

I fight my wars
All in my head
And I can't sleep
When I go to bed

And they just fall
Tired down
And they all sleep
They sleep a sound

All through the night

24 Leave The Hype (0:17)

If the door is open
Why don't you close it
It was your decision
It was you who chose it

If the truth is hidden
Why don't you expose it
What's it worth to you
If the truth aint true

There's no tea in ruth, less ness

25 Leave The Distance (0:38)

Come on
Sip on the brink of tea
Grind your thoughts out of disbelief
But don't find misery
There is only truth in confusion
If all options fail
All you find is solution
If this is a new year
How about a resolution?
I'm sure you have a year to spare
Your life's not the constitution
You were not elected except if your a president
And even so it was all thanks to you
There are no facts it's all just perspective
So if there is truth then it might not be true
But if you see the people staring
You know that they don't care
All they want is someone to trust in
Someone to just be there, all the time
Come on

26 Mutational Contraptory (0:38)

Why do you modify
Lines of our lives
They are there to define
To refine our own strife

They are the base
Of existence
But you don't seem
To listen

You deem this world
As a prison
And you want to
Break free

But why
Grab a hold of
Why grab a hold of

I'm not interested in mutiny
Nor mutational spawn
I just want to live my life
I just want to mow my front lawn

So let go of my hand
And stop breaking my bars
I don't need more vacation
No insurance for my cars

And if we do live in a prison cell
Why do we act like it is ours

27 If This Collection Was ONE Sound (0:17)


28 Existenciall Decay (0:45)

He was trapped inside
A big room all his life
But it shrank with time
As he grew in his mind

He was small and puny
He was tiny and frail
In his mind he widened
The walls and set sail

Into a world where his room
Was as a big as a world
It was big as a galaxy
It was big as a universe

And then his mind developed
And evolved in due time
Until he created landscapes
Colors, shapes and lines

And he created people
And he made them create
And he created time and room
And he created rhyme and space

And he left a trail for us to trace
Even long after his mind went away
But still in his mind we live and decay
Still, in the mind of our god and creator

29 Boredom (0:09)

If you find boredom
Pass it on
Cause I can't seem to get any
Of my own

30 Wonderful Winter (0:32)

It's dark outside now
The wolfs they be leaping
The silence be creeping
In with the snow

By the doorstep it is freezing
About twenty below
I have a cold, I'm sneezing
I'm wondering how

I should reason with my season
Maybe tell it to find
Another place and leave me
To green fields and sunshine

But I feel a bit sorry
For this time of white and cold
That no one seems to appreciate
Yet not everyone gets to know

31 Paper Airplanes (1:22)

Oh my
Look up at the bright blue sky
And see for yourself
The cloud defined lines

That rise
From the airports in Miami
Across the bordering sea
Waaay through the world

Oh my
Look up at the clouds that pass by
Fuzzy white masses of water slash dry
Puffs of cotton candy

That strive
To stretch all over the world
But end up forming our rivers
And our lakes, and our oceans

And I throw
A little paper airplane out my window
And it flows
With the wind, far away...

And I throw
A little paper airplane as hard as I know, how to
And it swirls, and swoops
And it lands, on the window ledge

And balances there
For a few seconds until fresh air
Comes and sweeps it away
Into the sunny day

32 Break Stuff (0:24)

Badda Dadda
Dadda Badda

No room
For You
In My
Hotel Two

You Wrecked
The First
And Next

And Thus
Of Feaaar
Not Pure

I Say
Go The
Hell A

33 Strife For The Masterpiece (0:33)

I want to write a line so swift and fine that it stretches across the state as crime.
It stretches across your face as a smile and it lifts and it rises and drifts in denial.
And the people stare in aw and worship it god and it's so smooth and groovy you could make a movie.
Solely out of this one phrase that lifts the wrinkles from your face and strays the radiowaves for days.
So graceful a phase of pure amazement and ace.

But it bothers me, that I will probably never quite find my masterpiece, and furthermore, I wouldn't be able to voice it with my voice fit.

34 If It All Just (0:15)

What would you say?
Would you cry?
Would you frown today?

If it falls apart
But finds a brand new start
Would be unhappy for a while
Or happy for the while

That lasted?

35 Es-sense Of NY (0:23)

It's my party
And I'll smile if I want to
I'll smile if I want to
I'll dial if I want to

The seven digits
That go to the pawn shop In Bronco
I could buy a Donkey but what use would that be
If you live in a dull great big city!

36 Es-sense In NY: The Sequel (0:35)

A donkey it really does no good
Not at all in this neighborhood
Not at all in this country here
Nor would it do good anywhere

Not the donkeys I know, their stubborn like donkeys yo
They just mind their own business, they don't move an inch oh no
If you pull them backwards, they move the other way, and if you push them forwards
Then hey!

And they have some strange sense so they know
Even if you pull them backwards to make them forward go
They still just won't move as you like, they won't give up with a fight
So don't go buying Donkeys nor will I if that's alright

37 Meh (0:22)

Doesn't always sound
Really as I want it to
But hey, that's OK

Not every day that passes
Goes quite how I'd like it to
But I wouldn't have it any other way!

If everyday was in my taste
If everyday was just pure grace
Then all this life would be such a waste

Because there's no yin
In mustang

38 Gubbe I Garderoben (0:21)

Bara för ett alternativ ska vi här ta ett språkligt kliv
Och snacka på ett språk som inga av er kan
Föruttom ni som kan Svenska, som han

Som lyssnar där igenom garderobsdörren
Han med en mask och en kniv i sin hand
Men han kanske inte vill visa sig? Aja, det gick bra, han försvann.

Nu står jag här och spelar in mina låtar helt ensam.

39 This New Diet Of Mine (0:25)

Are the world
Can't eat potatoes
Ya heard

I'm on a diet
Like the bird
No potatoes for me
No cheese neither see

I'm famished
But I do eat
I eat rice, pancakes
Bread on wheat

Just no sugar
And no cake
And sometimes I wonder
If I made some kind of mistake

40 One Offer (0:15)

Take it or leave it
The fleet of deception
Don't know why you're breathing
When there's nothing left in

Your soul

41 Day After Yesterday (0:42)

I'm just a step away
From the future my life holds
Just another day
Until I can let go

Just drift up on the waves
Of fortune and fame
Not playing by the rules
Even though life is a game

The day after yesterday
Is when it all goes down
The day after yesterday
Is where all hope is found

The day after yesterday
Is why I'm still around
The day after yesterday
Is what kept me from drowning

In the past

42 The Question And Answer (0:44)

How many roads must a man walk down?
How many roads lead into this town?

Tow many times does the world spin around?
42 (billion)
Until it blows up and falls down down?

How many souls must the grim reaper fetch?
How many rows for each step that he steps?

How many gowns does the grim reaper wear?
But one
Though his hair imminent with decades of decay
Has 42 shades of indifferent gray

43 Jukeboxes Submitting (0:17)

It really gets me pissed when people do this
Vote zero on my submissions without viewing it
I try to not give a shit and ignore them idiots
But it has me disturbed to the point of no word

44 Insearth (0:33)

I don't know
Much about you
But I know now
What I should do

I should breath the fumes
I should seek the tunes
That let me sleep unconfused
Clear as the symbols written

Within sleeves of truce
In the eve of truth
I found the fleetsome use
That lets all evil choose

The road which they carry
Tired and wary
They stumble upon scurries
Earthly sissaray

If you think I may
If you think I might
I think I just might say
That this ends tonight

45 Foolish Mumblesome (0:45)

I've been trying to defend myself from the world
But I can't seem to send defense to you girl
I don't relentlessly plunge into the depths of hell
For you, thus farewell is all I can say and do

I've been trying to let go of the past that follows
I've been trying to get to the future that swallows
The present in my mind should I leave all my life behind
And just fight for what is right and see to it that I feel fine

All the time

All that's left is justice all that leaves is joy.

All is mine

All that's theft and unjustice all here all the time.

Lets combine

Our forces and strike down upon the one who wears the crown and decides what we should do
Because I'm tired of playing the fool

46 Onted (0:09)

When it's all over
Don't die on me
Because I just seek to see
Vile velocity


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