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Project Jenkees 2

Couldn't get enough, so here's some new stuff! ;) (Oct/Dec 2009)

Project Jenkees 2 is just another hour of new lyrics to the same music, leftover lines, outlined poetry and quick quality lacking creations recorded during the start of third week October 2009, and, after a long hiatus, completed during the 17th & 18th of December. Be warned, the quality on this album does vary and vocal recordings have been done twice at most, this is a very quick release, so don't expect anything exceptional. It's just here for... I don't really know... maybe just for me, so I can listen and laugh at the bad quality on dark winter nights.

If you do decide to listen, good luck, you know what a monotone task you've taken upon yourself. ;) Actually, it's not that bad, I'm just saying stuff like this so you don't get your expectations too high. Lyrics are (as always) too large to be included below. Enjoy!

Playlist (78:10)

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