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Project Jenkees

Project Jenkees is a mixup between Ronald Jenkees music and my voice & text. Everything you hear is written specifically for this project, all song texts and vocals are by me, all electronic music is Ronald Jenkees, and everything is mixed together with Audacity. The Mic used is a DM-S468 – Professional Pure Vocal Microphone, pretty good stuff... for a crap mic. It is a shame I recorded everything sitting in front of my computer with the hard-drives sizzling in the background too, that brings down quality.

Project Jenkees is an experimental work of art, a try at making lyrics for music not originally meant to have lyrics. Original tracks are taken from the two out-of-studio albums 'Derty' (2007) and 'Disorganized Fun' (2009) by Ronald Jenkees, both only musical – apart from the last two tracks, and have upon text addition been modified only slightly in terms of title and content (apart from added vocals). Recording was done during the last week of September, 2009, and the first week of October the same year. I hope that you enjoy listening to this experimental album as much as I enjoyed making it. There isn't much room for music only, but where there is, it's well deserved.

Lyrics are way too big to include on this page - they can be found alongside their individual posts. Also be sure to check out the spinoff - Project Jenkees 2

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