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Pummel Chimes is a quick one-day Chimes project, with poetical line written and rhymed by the mind of Bob Axell on the fourth of March 2014. All chimes can be listened and read below, as a playlist or individually. Enjoy!

Pummel! Rumble! Roll! Here we go. (May 4 2014)

All (8:09)


0 --- 0:15

So many times, I write so many lines...
So many chimes, I write so many chimes...
For what purpose? Is there one to define?
The purpose of rhyme. Pummel chime.

1 --- 0:42

I need that motivation again
I need to get someplace where it all
Disappears in a blaze and pretend
Is not in my face, it's knotting a friend

Nottingham Palace, a great place
Lawns like great space
Pawns on a chess plate! We'll check that
Here's a check mate

I need that motivation again
I'm searching far and wide for it
It disappears all over the years
Go sober and there, it all disappears

Nothing is malice, it's all just opinion
Smoking onions on a bright dawn
On my lawn
I don't know where this is coming from

2 --- 0:39

When I start writing
I just want to keep on writing
When I start writing
I just want to keep on - keep on

At times I'm fighting
A feeling that all this is purposeless
But at times it feels
Delighting - so fresh

Like a freshly mowed lawn!
Like the fur of a new-bathed fawn
Like the words coming through my yawn
Like the world I hold to my palm

And do we all
Go through a fall
And stand up straight
As is our fate

3 --- 0:40

What do you see when you see blasphemy
Do you see a picture of me, standing there?
In the air maybe the last of free air
The last air we'll ever breath - so clear

What do you see when you think back at me?
Back at my fuzzy hair, my cold stare
My calm stare, my cool stare, glaring at the headlights
In the headlight glare

What is this feeling in the air
The feeling of summer? I wonder
I don't want it all to disappear
I want it to move on to a new dawn

What do you see when you look back at the?
Best days or your life, or have you had them yet
Are they tainted with rad regret, or did you take the step
Was it there

4 --- 0:43

Another morning when I wake up bitter
Scared that I'll always be a quitter, always
Spend my days as a bitter quitter
And never get through this phase

Another morning when I wake up bitter
Scared that I'll always be this bitter, always
Spend my days as a quitter - bitter
And never get through the phase

Never get a smile on my face
I've bore a frown for a ton of days
I felt down even since summer came
I'll come around

Never get a smile on my face
I've been a clown for a ton of days
Lying around just funneling my grace into outer space
And yet I'm Earth bound

5 --- 0:47

I'm Earthbound, will I be bitter always!
Running around these hallways, bitter
At least I won't be a quitter if I'm bitter
I'll be bitter, I'll be a bitter baby sitter

Never growing up, cause you know when you grow wise
You realize so much more about life and that you gotta fight
And that you got to accept what your given
And start living, not just delving on the hints

I scratch at my tummy lint, nails like flint
I bathe when the summer come, I feel dumb
When I say I wanna be someone, and sit in
And just sit though the summer thins, then it's done

And I hate when the winter comes, see the sun
See it shine like a million suns, so bright
And I want to run all the time, stay awake
But then winter comes, and it's night - and it's life

6 --- 0:53

I gotta write, I gotta write
I gotta right something, I gotta write
But not this, this aint my plight
My plight's a chapter, I gotta write

I dive in chimes, I just write
I gotta write, if that's alright
I dive in chimes, and that's life
I know my purpose, will yet surface

It will surprise, it will some time
It will suffice, my will is rhyme
The day is light, the light of day
It drifts away, and soon it's night

I gotta write, I gotta write
I gotta write something, I gotta write
But not this, this aint my plight
My plight's a chapter, I gotta right

7 --- 0:52

Fucking assholes why can't I get back on track?
Why can't I get past those black and white judgments
Were living in the bask of millennial artifacts
In a time lapse and we're thinking nothing of it

I think of the asphalt simmering under my feet
Where there could be crops for us to eat, instead there are stop signs
And road blocks hinting at our defeat
Tinting the windows, it's dark and dull indoors

I shaved my head so, what you thinking of calling me?
I tried the fencepost, even that was a wall in me
I tried to bed roses but they all bit me red blood is
The lisp I still cut when I'm faced with grown-ups

People I, I don't know if I still respect
I neglect my own future while they're neglecting theirs
I guess I'll be the same in a step in a mess of years
And will I be sane, in the next seven or seventy years?

8 --- 0:44

Seven or seventy years!
Revvin my engine, about to embark in perfect dark for the next
Seven or seventy years!
Sleeping dually in night and day, wasting my life away in these

Seven or seventy years!
I stood upon a chair and I was scared of falling, even now but in the next
Seven or seventy years!
I suppose even the mere thought will have me walled in

Have me trapped, locked, stopped, my bed is a roadblock
The chair that I climb on is like a hundred meter pylon
I make masks out of nylon, which planet am I from? My god
Will he rise up on my final dawn?

Or is that: the end!
Is that: the time!
When I see: my friends!
Only in: my mind

9 --- 1:54

I wonder what I'll find in my mind when I die
I wonder what I'll find when I stare deep inside
I wonder what I'll find, find inside my dream
Made of my memories, I wonder what they mean

I wonder what I'll find in my mind when I look
I wonder if my mind is as outlined as a book
I wonder if I trace my thoughts just like I trace
The lines on my page, each line just a day

Each day just a trace, each trace but a face
Each face but a phase of the days that I waste
Each waste has a place in the phase that I call
My life, my all, my rise, my fall

And when it's all over, how will they look back at me?
At me like a blackened sheep? Mentally packing heat?
Will they think of the raps I eat daily or laugh at me
At this whack emcee who never really packed a beat

Who lisped and lacked the feats of the rad and free
The Ems of Emcees, of them there are plenty
The Strange, the bent, the G's riding in Bentleys
Generically gently

The gangstars, the ones not resting in a cementry
The drop-outs, the kingpins who spent cheese as if they had plenty
Where are the visionaries hiding, under my rented Pentium 3?
Stack of spent CDs or my crapped desk - a One Piece

Man I'll promise my entry, sometimes I get tired
And uninspired like the world is against me
I haven't even tried but I feel like I'm always trialed
Get fired up and feel fried but I'm still in the end: me!

Rapping a vibe cause it is my way to vent see?
Acapella moments phasively when I get mean
Frisk my mind of all evil so I can sleep well
Don't care if it reaches people or if I get green

I want to be a machine time out and time in
Day and night just rhyming, striving to find Zen
The perfect presence the pottery of pad and pen
I wonder where and when, but If I - ever get that then

I'll letter send, with a rhyme.
Probably another chime.

? --- 0:06

This was mine. May 4, 2014.

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