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Suddle Chimes

Suddle Chimes is a musical/vocal experiment and the 1st in the Chimes series, featuring 100 original pieces of poetry written by Bob Axell during January and February 2009. All chimes can be listened to/read individually below, or via the collective playlist. Enjoy!

Suddle Chimes! Shining Fine! Bright and Prime! Creative Mind!! :) (Jan/Feb 2009)

Playlist (1:06:50)

00 Digint (0:32)

Hello Peoples! Welcome to this collective piece of poetry and phrasive in the forms of sometimes fluent sound.

I recorded it all during the past week of January, and the first week of February 2009.

It was fun recording, and to listen I hope not boring, some pieces are stories, some pieces are poems, some pieces have moral, some pieces have no ends, some pieces are viral, some pieces are floral, but all pieces are partitions of this combinative decoral.

Artistry. Creation. Projective. Enjoy.

99 Eyo (0:43)

Some things change
Some things to the better
Some things change
Some things to the worse

You didn't get
Didn't get my letter?
Or didn't you get
The phrase I wrote, init

Seems like my line of refinements finished
Seems like my time here on this island faded away
Now it's time that I stop wasting minutes
And forget about the days undiscovered and gray

I drive overseas, I drift with the breeze
Say bye to me now cause I fly with the
Morning wind

98 Rum (0:14)

It's time
I crossed the finishing line
Fly high
Into the needle point

Flip a feeble joint
Drink your beer and say
Here's to there that geezer
And greet me with ale

97 Filling The Silence (0:06)


96 Of This World (0:39)

Didn't know
What to do
Back then

I will know
But when

Didn't know
How I tried
So hard

But it must
Have been
Because I knew

That I was a part!
A human with a heart!
Not just an empty case!
A person with a face!

I knew it from the start!
That I had a soul!
That I was from this world!
That I was in control!

Over my own me!
Thus I stand here and breath!
And look up at the sky! And the universe that passes by!
And don't think, I just BE.

95 Opportal (1:00)

Can you see the stars up there!
That shine all the way through our atmosphere!
They are light years away, still we see them everyday
And if one just disappears, we will never know for certain

We can shut out the starlight
All we have to do is close a curtain
We can stare at our own stars
Until our eyes start hurting

But what's it worth pretending
That the universe is slowly ending
When it could end right! NOW!
Another big bam boom - kapow

We live captivated in fictional facts
Let us leave or let us live, let us stay intact
There is no god there never was and I don't know I'm sorry dos
If there was one there must be more but it has to end, so why not at four?

Why complicate it, when it is so simple
Why not just smile, even if you don't have dimples
We're beautiful all of us, even the ones with pimples
Covering their face, because we are the human race

And that is us

94 So Many People In This World (0:34)

Empty yet unclear!
Hollow yet filled with ideas.
This is the way the people are.
The people that stay or travel far.

Disoriented let lost!
Each paradox has it's own cost.
The future lies ahead and the past.
Is dead, and it always was, except when.

It climbed back out! It awoke! It arose!
On shaky legs with eyes squinched shut and blank expressions
And nothing to give but

93 A Bullet In (0:17)

Don't lose yourself
Before you find yourself
The bulletin is found on shelfs
It lies dusty and undusted

Don't lose the shelf
Or move to someone else
Because your mind is, just like
That bulletin back there

92 Lossophill (0:49)

Some say
That the days fly away
Like sparrows
I think I said so yesterday

If I die
And my hair is not yet gray
Will it lose color?
Will it start to fade?

I've been portrayed
In some many times
Through the times
In my pictures in my rhymes

In my mind

I've been delayed
And the seconds just pass by
All the times I've been afraid, hesitated
Those seconds make minutes, hours, days

Weeks, months yeah

I'm in despair
Because I know that I do live here
I can feel myself my minds clear
But I don't know what happens when I

Take my eternal slumber

Thus I wonder, and the seconds pass by
Minutes, hours, days and more of my

91 Seeking Is Seeking (0:17)

If in search for hope
Seek god
If in search for food
Seek cod

If in search for company
Seek dog
If in search for semi-purple please
Seek hog

90 Deal! (0:14)

Man it seemed like a groovy deal!
Now I don't think I can eat another meal!
For another two or three solid days!
After this buffet at this Pizza Hut place.


89 Hellspawn (1:02)

Tell me
If you see them crawling round my house, out of the bushes running out, from behind the trees opening mouths, screaming silently begging for doubt.

Tell me
If you see them opening my door, crawling inside and trying to lure me forth, shouting foul words and cursing the fair lord, all these hellspawn, from hell spawned.

Tell me
If you see them climbing up my stairs, trying to drench this world in clear despair, creeping forward into my safe lair, soaking the ground and air with disbelief.

Tell me
If you see me stop talking about losses, throwing out all of my silver crosses, and abandoning my hopes and beliefs, to become another one of those grim thieves, up to nothing but mischief.

The world is torn apart, if I become an atheist, at heart.

88 No Down (0:28)

Number eighty eight, say me yo! Is this fate
That I wrote a poem for this one this late, on a Thursday morning
I should be mourning about last nights sleep, but really I just like to keep
A positive attitude and not sink to deep, into the realms of uncertainty

Because that's no place people wantobe

87 Grasp Ahold (0:38)

I have the world, in a steady grip
I have the earth, at my fingertips
I caught the world, in mine mitten
And I won't let it, let slip then

Down to the demons, the politicians there
Selling their souls to be elected next year
What do the normal peoples know what do they care
They all rub it in like shampoo in their hair!

But I will grasp a hold and tell what needs to be told
You can trust me folks I'm noble as a demon
I'll smile at you with dogs eyes, begging, pleading!
And then when you finally choose you, I will cast you into

The eternal fires that just rise higher
For every year that passes with a president like you
But maybe things will change with this Obama guy?

86 Hell Is Here (1:02)

Hey I know you're waiting
Waiting for the hate
To die down sometime
But maybe it's too late

Maybe the world is turned
Maybe the demons came here
Left their scars and burned
All that's left, is left

Hey I know you're participating
Participating in the war!
Fighting for the cause but I'd like to know
What it's really for

People come in parcels
People blow down doors
People shoot with mortars
And I just think life's too short

For people to be shooting
Little shards into mother earth
What happened to the unions?
And all of that "humankind" worth

All you are doing is polluting
Making this place into a great big hearth
That will burn burn burn and burn
A little more

85 Shooting Psychos For Dummies (0:16)

I'm done when I've had my fun
See to it that you don't get none
I'll run when you grab your gun
If you don't a shot in your nun

Should stop you some

84 Driving Sighs (0:46)

I don't know how you do it
But I'm gonna see to it
That you don't do it again
Cause you know I'm not like them

Man you really just blew it
But it's over so screw it
Just grabbed hold of my pen
I'm through with amends

Why'd you have to go burn
Up my poem
I spent so much time on it
Since then

Why'd you have to throw up
All over my tent
Is it because you can't
Pay the rent

But it's done so don't bother
Should I choke should I smother
The life out of you then
Maybe next life again?

Because I'm true when I'm truant
Not a mutant but new scents
Flew through with my mentor
And he tells me he wants more


83 Upp Till Bevis (0:17)

Jag skall visa er minsann för jag är en riktig mann
Ser på filmer fler och fler än er ser jag många mer
Ser på filmen hela dan varannan är likadan
Och dagen den försvann, men jag ser ju det jag ser

82 Surfin (0:20)

If you can't swim then don't dive into!
The vast and undestroyable blue!
I might be brave but I am no fool!
If the waves are huge, I keep my cool!

Lets go surfin.

81 Days Go (0:23)

Some days go fast and some days go slow
Some days go faster some days just go
Some days just go

Some days go fast and some days go slow
Some days go faster some days just go
Some days just go

80 Hypes Error (0:39)

Said so like the master, blaster of all disaster, heading towards it faster, then any of you fools!
I use the world as a cooler fools you're all but tools I use ya schools don't teach you shit I do.
I'm the government, and I sent for you.

You'll be a C I A, agent
Treading on gray pavement

Wearing a gray suit
You'll just be a substitute
In my place

I have no face
I am only

The all

79 Apprehersion (0:42)

Do you sometimes think
That when you really sink
You will never rise
You are just sacrifice

But I tell you it's a lie!
It has all worth when you die!
Nothing's without cause in this world
Except the wars and the plausible herds

Of people following the grim reaper when he lets them
Sometimes I wish justice would just take a step in
And stop all this madness, keep them all a step down
From the throne of rage and the devils drowned crown

But that won't happen in my life
So just believe you are sacrifice
Everybody is born and everyone dies
But between there, it's your strife

78 Pappersbåt (0:23)

Jag ser den bara ett stenkast från vägen!
Vågen släpar med den på färden där är den!
En liten pappersbåt på väg mot stora städer!
Vi känner oss så stolta, stolta som fäder!

Den vandrar så fritt mitt i vågornas mitt
Sakta kryper den ihop vätan har gjort sitt
Och så sjunker den ner i dikets gråa dy
Men det spelar ej roll för vi kan göra en ny!

77 Winter Shine Time (0:16)

It's a nice and even number . . .
Like the lice that feed on summer . . .
But I can't even quite remember . . .
What I did, this day, in September

76 Of What The What (0:46)

Some say house arrest
Out of the alternatives is the best
But I can't have enough stress
It feels like I'm supreme of the less

I must be obsessed
I have no chance to win at chess
While playing against Jun from China
I whine all the time I FEEL

A bit unmotivated

Some say doused with dressing
Is another way to blessing
But I'm an atheist so there's no way this
Could change my life as I am confessing

I must be a jester
And you must a hairdresser messing
Around with these tapes on my hard drive
Cause there's just no way that I

Could put something this useless up on the net net?

Some say, someday, but I'll just grab my star and go
Bust some criminal gangs dough dough

75 If You Have No Motivation (0:23)

Old like you are dude
Don't keep washing cars fool
Don't just sit on the bar stool
And waste your time like a sorry blank

Old as you may say
This is not a Mayday k
This is just another May day
So rise from your dormant state!

To the skies filled with sunshine and fate!

74 You Know You Need It (0:20)

Yo I know I know I know why you think what you think I'm so
So talented yes men you were right but I won't give into to your whim without a fight
I could keep writing and working on all night yes there's no motivational ends for me in sight
But unfortunately my powers drain away and my mental state astray it sets flight into the depths of space and I


73 If You Know Why (1:19)

Oh my!
Look up at the blood red sky
And tell me, do you think
Dodos can fly?

If you say no!
Just feel where the cool breeze blows
And reinstate your state of mind
To leave both the past, and the future

Behind you
Don't let the shadows blind you
Don't the light spring up
In your face

Let me remind you
No second is wasted if you find you
You'll be fine like a dodo
Flying into space

Is that a smile?
On your face
I hope it lasts a while
Cause it's not misplaced

Don't be striving
To walk more than a mile
If you don't have something waiting for you

Don't be crying
When the sun is shining
Because there's a bright future ahead
And if you're tired just go to bed

If you know why

72 Fur Burst (1:17)

Oh like a needle in a haystack
Can you find your way back
To the place you was at

Like a whiff of leaves in May that
Fly to the sky as a gray cat
Passes by the alleyway scat
That lies on the ground like a scar

On this boulevard
With a thousand homes
The moon once rose
And the sun once shone

On this bowling yard
Lives a man alone
Where a family once stayed
Now they all just moved away

Like a feeble minded waiter I
Leave letters on my platter my
Senses tell me to stay back
But I react so slow

Like the peace of mind I laid there
To rest in my home when I waged war
Against the employers that I work for
But that's all part of the past!

And I live in the present!
And I'll get my city back!
Compressed as it is in its essence!
I promise I'll react in time this time.

On this boulevard
With a thousand homes
The moon once rose
And the sun once shone

On this bowling yard
Lives a man alone
Where a family once stayed
Now they all just moved away

And his world turned dull and gray
On this boulevard with a thousand homes . . .

71 Wither The World (1:07)

Oh whats with all this beauty?
Whats with all these crap?
I can't even sleep now?
Can't even take a nap!

The sunrise is astounding
As it sinks down to end this day
It lights up all its surrounding
In a blur of haxxy red gray

Oh whats with all the wonder?
In this world in which I stay!
And will leave sometime maybe later
Or sooner without delay

The galaxy is impounding
As the universe is imploding
But I don't care about that time
I don't really want to know when

I just stare at the sunrise here
That lights up the night with its blood red sphere
And I know that if I had a spear
I could pierce its heart in two

But why would I want to do so now?
When the sun is red and the sky is blue!
Oh what's with all this beauty
I can't fall asleep too soon

70 I Live (0:53)

I know someday I'll grow old
But until that day I'll just stroll
Under blue skies in green meadows
This is my place for peace

I know someday I'll be gray
But until that day I'll just stray
Under clear skies in vast big fields
The silent sunrise has no yield

I know someday I'll walk slow
But still in these green fields I will go
Under skies either clear or gray
I know I'll find my way

I know someday I will die
But I'd rather die here under the blood red sky
Where the fields surround me, say goodbye
To the wonderful world I lived in

69 Showdown Downing (0:29)

The time of all times
Has come, it's now
Somethings going down
But where? And how?

No one is around
In this silent town
If somethings gonna go
It might not be close!

The clothes lines hang, without clothes on them
The houses are damp, the both of them
The sand stretches round, for as far as you can see!
If something happens somewhere, that's where I wanna be!

Not here

68 Morally Backwards (0:17)

Saddle down
From your horse
I don't want to shout
Until I get hoarse

I aint looking for divorce
From my violent nature
Thus this poem
Is rated E for Mature

Say what?

67 Do Do (0:38)

Dodos can't fly
Cause dodos are extinct
Yet the dodo flew away
When I blinked

It just wasn't there!
The dodo disappeared!
So from this day forward
I'll just strive towards

Being more
Open minded
I'll believe it
When I find it

Even if the media
Didn't outline it
And point me to it
I always knew it

Was something else . . .

66 Plus Six (0:26)

Bring out the rest in me
Bring out the recipe

Brings out the best in me
I consume
Humans like checker piece


65 Demons Dinner (0:29)

Going down down down down
To the caves of the doom
There Lucifer be around
In his dining room - soon

Eating your soul! For injustice! For hatred!
To seethe the pieces of peace.
Shattered all across.
This world.

64 There Lies All Hope (0:47)

You don't believe in me?
Well I believe in you
I believe in justice
I believe in truth

You don't believe I see?
The future and the doom
Forget all peasantry
Reunite with your tribune

You don't believe in me?
Well I still believe you see
That behind the mountain of evil
Lies a valley of green fields

You don't believe it sleeps?
The good, in the evil all men do
I know you don't believe in me
But I still believe in you

63 Count Me In (1:16)

Some days are great
And some days the greatness starts late . . .
Still I must participate!
In all the greatness when I wake!! YEAH!

Some days are fine
And some days the lines are hard to find . . .
Still I don't mind!
I just won't let myself be left behind!! YEAH!

So count me in
When the walls are wearin thin
When the halls all crawl with sin
I will clean this wretched place
Flee the justice and close the gates!
So count me in
When the wall are crumbling down
And the church burns to the ground
And the demons just rise from the ashes
As do the corpses of the Christian masses
So count me in
Cause I don't believe in the Messiah
You say it's the truth, but I claim you're a liar!
And as time passes, the more time passes the morgue,
The more I believe in Molasses and offshore surfing boards.


62 Typing Frail Trails (0:43)

I caught I cold, I was unlucky, so I'm told.
It's growing old, three days and clucking, yo.
I'm chewing carrots, because I took on a healthy challenge.
I'm as valiant as the grim god plays, something's gonna happen, one of these days!

Ahm, nah, nooo.

I caught the flue, It's just my luck, how about you?
It's growing late, three hours today and I still wait, for it to leave.
I'm drinking tea, because the flavor just grabs ahold of me, makes me see
Makes me feel free as the lion that spirals down from Zion!

Heh, aw well, yeah.


61 Times Go Bye (0:59)

Time goes by
You better make the best of days
While there's an open blue sky above you

Time goes by
You better take the better days
Before the sky turns gray above you

Time goes by
Just don't live your life astray
I know that somewhere someone loves you

Time goes by
You just need to find your place
Put a smile on your dim lit face

Life isn't a challenge, life isn't a race, life isn't full of malice, it's a balance, and life's not just a phase!
Life is valiance, life is living lice live on dough just grab you're shimmering limericks of rhythm and flow.

Don't let the good times fade, leave the light and in darkness Wade, because only demons live in the shade.
And they feed on, people like YOU.

60 It's All Good (0:38)

Don't smack my ass off
I'm not black as Tupac was

I'm not racist it's just facts dawg
I know I'm not I just act god
Ha ha

It's all good back on track mod
Don't flop my stats log
All my comebacks so
I can call you assho!


If you slow then you laaack nos
If you cold then you craack dos
If you bold then you baaack off
If you sold then you naaaag boss


It's all Good

59 Reason For (0:49)

Why do I keep spinning these rhymes like woven linoleum lines
I just love to the limp with my rhymes in covert opium mines

Why do I keep running in fields ablaze with bullets and shields
I'm just hiding a man of my pace for peace in white fields of wheat these days

Trying to find a way
Out of societies gray
Skies that rise when we pray
And cover the road to blissful flicks

Why do I keep changing my chimes keep chewing challenges for my
It's not something I'd rather light like fireflies slicing heights

It's just

Part of my own grim fate?
Or maybe it's part of theirs
Whatever, it keeps me up late
But I know, that, someday I'll have to face my fears

58 Engineer In Sound (0:42)

If you don't know what I'm talking about
Don't bother trying to read my mouth
Don't bother trying to read my lips
Because I have my flow at my fingertips

I can play piano and play guitar
Cruise down the boulevard in an open car
People follow me like mice when pan plays
I swear I could be something one of these days

I can play Fur Elise on a guitar tuned in on G
A famous musician I do someday wannabe
I can play Beethoven's symphony and it means so much to me
It means grass on clear green fields, it breathes like air when shadows leave

I don't suppose you've followed my flow
Or your head would have spun round
My voice isn't much to brag about
But I'm an engineer in sound

57 Psychotic Wendemy (0:31)

I know I could have been
So much more
Than what I should have been
Then before

When my wood thrown in
Out the door
You don't get what I'm saying
I say fresh blood is spraying

On the pavement
Save your saviors
Forget the letters
Leave them for later

It won't get much better
Understand my flow
The flow of bloooood
On them cobblestones


56 Industry Like Me (1:03)

I'm not content with my life really,
I just record my voice with this Mic so you can hear me
Respect me, or fear me, remember and tear me
To pieces when my sound seizes to breathe clearly

I don't suppose I've ever been that clear
Sounds come and go out my other ear
But in between that there's a lot of ground to gear
My machinery spits up lights up like a chandelier

With bolts, mutters, screws and nails
It might look twisted and used and pale
But I promise you when the fuse moves with the rails
The best of creativity in the sea set sail

There's no industry like me, there will be no other
I use 78 pseudonyms, I'm famous undercover
I've written lyrics for hundreds of artists, I can
Calmly say I've been a part in, this decades partition

Just turn on your radio and listen, that's me right there!
Let the sound waves flooow in and out through your ears
There truly is a lot of crap on the radio today
But just wait, until MY inspiration fades away

55 Shine Now, Fade Later (0:48)

I don't feel like wasting my time now
I feel like just sitting down and singing
Songs for the world, song, song, songs,
For the world that keeps spinning

I don't feel like treading out of my property
I just feel it's got to me, the happiness
But for one day I'm content with the life I was lent
The life that I borrow, the life that I rent, everyday

I wish I could stay, on this planet forever!
But I'm not immortal, I'm not immortal, I'm not immortal

Shine now, and Faaade
Better later

54 Amnesistate (1:02)

My life is rich
On whispers
Of flinkers that search for hollow gold
On goes of trippy days
And hangers filled with rowdy foes
Toads that fill my cloth
In this asylum where inspiration flows
I sit in silence and denial
And whilst in here let trouble pile
It's all in my head I sit on me bed and think about the time when
It wasn't all that bad and I had what I had and I could live in the future again
But then my friends came along and turned my right to wrong and I could do nothing but smile
And I stayed in their world and conversed and my visions blurred but for a while
I saw nothing of justice

Why is this fate

I saw nothing I must list
Or contemplate
Or smile

All I found
Was doubt
And it's not something
I should speak
It's something
I should leave
For silence

53 Digging Gold (0:43)

Oh come on
Let go of the boundaries
Let go of the cold
Let go of the foundries
Them fountains of steel
Lets just go dig gold
Dig gold on our streets
Because it grows where there are people
On our insecurity it feeds
On our insecurity it eats
Lets just bounce to the beats
And be happy that we have
What we need

52 Be Back Today! (0:29)

Be back today!
I was gonna wile, yes I was away
Be back I say!
I was gone a while, that was yesterday

Be back to stay!
I was god and Kyle, least that's what they say
Be back till May!
Then I take a trip up to the Northern Norths of Sweden

On Vacation, yeah yeah yeah, I look forward to my vacation

51 I'm Just SO (0:22)

I'm just so
I'm just so
I'm just so
I'm just so
I just say I
This is my
This is my
And you alla
For not letting out
Your true

50 Poetry In This (1:07)

That's what I like about poetry
The variety
The flow in me
The changes each line
Brings with it all the time
And the things that are created
When these phrases combine
You can write stories without moral
Paint a painting for an unknown coral
Throw astray a raid of disarray
Life is floral, I'm just part of the bouquet
Can you see me when I hide behind the house?
I chase blank like cat chase mouse
All these paragraphs now come out my mouth
In difference to before
Then they had to be your
Say aloud
Now I'm around in sound
I don't mean to be too up
But I'd be mean if I was down
To all the optimists that rely on me
Please sun don't you die on me!
The big clouds might just cry on me!
And I don't like that weather
Weather the weather be deformed or just much better
I still walk in just T-Shirts it's my call I will forever
But when snow falls I just might turn a little blue
My skin be pale, a bit see through
But it don't matter cause I'm just so

49 History (0:19)

When I can't calm my mind down enough
To focus on lines to find my mind stuff
All that I like is mine I smite thus might bluff
But this aint a game play away all your fame yay

My mates parade through this base wearing spades
Throw your aces away or your ass is yesterday
All facts revolve around our great mystery
You see this distance, that beat is his


48 Sopiom (0:23)

The fire keeps burning
Calm like the river
The river keeps churning
Stand and deliver

Stand and deliver

Bands to differ

Bends the lifter

Trends a difference

Lens of persistence


And I just cast the moon away today

47 Catchy This (0:12)

Elapses fast the glass glistens in dis business
Can't stay serious when this chickenish just is it
Justice and biscuits, pills for my piglings, thrills
Automobiles that stay still like existence


46 They Are Vicious (0:39)

Lose control of your body and soul
Free your mind flee your line let's go
Roll the roads down to Martin square
There we stand up and say we care

About all the things we don't care about
We just stand and stare into the air and shout
A protest for war is in the air tonight
It seems the heir of scares in unbarred in sight

His name is P R E S I D
Deep like the river is sunny end road plot
E N T, en D
Keep shivering like road blocks

They got my eyelids pierced so I can see
When they all catch sight on me
Gouge my eyes out but let me be
They let me live so I can stay me

And tell all the world bout the torture in vain
Cause they just complain about my frail brain
Can't be serious when they have millions in claim
They just say I should mind my mind games

My - Self

45 Drugged Down (0:29)

I don't try to understand it
I just let it pass
No use to fight the demand it
Has me in its grasp

I don't cry when I'm banished
From wonderful lands
I only die when I'm famished
By the hunger it hands

Every time

44 It Don't Matter (0:26)

It doesn't matter at all
If the sky is too tall

Chop it down
Cut it down to the ground
Level it all

It doesn't matter
Cause it's all your call

It don't matter at all

43 A Strange World (1:09)

It's a strange world where blue birds
Climb in gray skies
And they sense bugs on the ground cubs
And chug them as they pass by

And in jugs we collect beer and
In the wilderness bears hug trees
And in homes we fight the tears
And the walls are coated with flees!

Yes it's a strange world
Da didi da da
Yes it is a strange world
Da didi da da

And I sing in strange worlds
Wabbi di Wabbi doo
Yes I sing in strange words
But what does that matter to you?

42 It Is A Strange Number (0:36)

Number forty-two
What does it mean to you?
Are you a man of truth?
Or do you dream like fools?

Number forty-two
What does this number signify?
Is it enough to let you live?
It it enough to let you die?

To let you break down in madness
To let you fall down and cry
To make you smile at the blunders
That really were worthwhile

Number forty-two
What does this number lack in cause?
Be, cause I know not what it will be
But I know what it once was

In some other galaxy . . . far far away . . .

41 Just To Let You Know (0:17)

Beeee Saaaaaaafe
Beeee Haaaaaave!
Beeee Braaaaaaave!
Be! Yourself

40 Conspire Nation (0:41)

So true!
Still the world will never believe you
Not a word you say
To your grim dismay

So true!
Still the world is based on politics
Big rich bosses with unbearable grip
The worlds a market at their fingertips

They point their finger there
They point their finger there

They point their finger there
I just wish someone
Could chop off them fingers

So true!

39 Man In A Mansion (0:47)

Flows like the river
It's closing in
Hoses coated with silver

Slows the rim
Gross like the liver
Filled with liquor pick your chick you live a rich life so let live
You gotta keep your cash no give

But it's just sad
Sad and sadness

You're just a man in a mansion
On constant vacation
Man with no pension
Man without salvation

Just a man in a mansion
With millions in making
A man without passion
From dreams never waking

It's just sad
Sad and sadness
It's just sad
Sad and sadness

38 Zombie Memoirs (0:50)

I didn't really
Think I was dead
I just had a little
Hole in my head!

I didn't really
Think I was dead
I just saw a little
A little bit red!

It's ok!
I know I won't die today
It's ok!
No I won't die anyway

It's ok!
The world is sour and gray
It's ok!
But it's such a shame

I didn't really
Think I was dying
Though they just kept on shooting
Seems they really were trying

I didn't really
Think I was dying
But it felt like I was crying

It's ok!
This world does not give a shit
It's ok!
So just let go of it

It's ok!
Let all your memories fade
It's ok!
As you through the dead corpses wade

It's a shame

37 Why Are You So Yellow Orange? (1:10)

Oh mommy
Told me this story once
About a banana
And an orange, who had lunch

The banana
He was so mellow
And the orange
He was so yellow

And the banana said
Aren't you a bit pale?
And the orange died
And withered away!

On second though
I think I was dreaming
And I woke up, yes
I woke up screaming!

It's edged there
In my memories
For decades
To come

A ledge of fear
And Uncertainty
Subject to all
But me and none

36 Future Dreams (0:40)

Am I dreaming? Or is this true?
This call for justice? This truce of blue?
Of green and gray! Of old and new!
All colors collect today, subject to the wrath of shades.

Am I dreaming? Or this really real!
A new ordeal seems to finally have grabbed a meal!
A seat at tables, a try for truce.
The final call after decades of such abuse

I won't let them live
The anger the fear
I won't let them give
The tension YOU HEAR

I won't let them cry
I won't let them wail
I will let them die
And smile my own way

Tomorrow, Haha

35 Let Go (0:54)

I don't want to be so evil
Darkness grabs a hold of me
Told you that you're breath is feeble
Do you think that was bold of me

I just want to be a seagull
Flying over plains of blue
I just want to feel the freedom
And just let go of me and you

For today
For tomorrow
Spread my wings
And fly away

All the sorrow
Dragged me home
But of this grasp I'd like to

Let go

34 No Room For Alienation Or Annihilation (0:45)

They say we're only human
But in fact we aren't quite though
To aliens we are new men
A species they just don't know

So how can we call our acts humane
When they are of an alien breed
And we all know it's true then
That aliens on evil feed

Since all fiction is based on reality
Just forget about your nationality
And remember that we live in this world
And remember that you live here too

We don't want to be the evil invaders
That save the better blood for later
And consume all there is to consume
Until the whole planet, is doomed


33 Your Tribute (0:17)

Oh my
The sky is blue
And the sky
Is Blue

The sky is blue
I wrote this
Just for

32 Number Thirtytwo (0:47)

This is number thirty-two
I have a question dude
Why are you listening, you
Yes you in that checkered suit

I have a wage I'd like
To see if you can fight
So go grab that flashlight
And lets fly out into the night

The night where only streetlights glow
In the darkness they shine so bright
In fact the streetlights shine not low
But intensely and figurative white

I have you in my sight
I see you cross the street
I charge with all my might
Forget completely about my feet

And the car that comes from the right
With them lanterns shut down so
I don't see when it charges me but it's alright
It stopped when it hit me though

And the driver came out to apologize
With a big wrench in his hand
But I could feel my adrenaline pumping
So I just don't give a damn man!


31 Short Storyless Short (0:45)

Man that was good
Man that was great
I think about it
And I stay up late

And think about it
And I stay up late
Packing my boxes
And cracking crates

Man that was groovy
Man that was great
Is this destiny?
Or is this fate?

I think about it
So I stay up late
And I think about it
And I stay up late

Picking my locks just to
See if they can stop
The crooks that roam the landscapes
And sleep by the docks

With the fishes peacefully
When they enter my house
This is the peaceful me
Over and out

30 Aw Shit (0:12)

Man this aint going good
I should have understood
That I really can't sing
This early on a morning

Aw Shit

29 Rolling On Steel Wheels (1:00)

Did that sound like chain?
Really I meant change
Is it too far away
Is it out of range

I don't think I'm that bad
I think I'm kinda good
It was when I first read Mad
That I truly understood!

The worlds dull economy!
The truth in grim comedy!
All that they grab from me!
I shouldn't give away

I should just be stronger feel
With my feet the wheels of steel
Rolling onward faster and faster
Where am I heading? Smells like disaster

But if I don't get there I won't know!
Where the road that goes there go!
I'll be a ghost caught in the past
And I don't want to be like the last

Poor soul standing in that field
Feeling hollow feeling free
Free like slaves in shackles and chains
Thus I ride this road without name!

And hope, it goes, where I'd like it to

28 High Heels (0:54)

You see what I did?
I add a little music
Back when I was a kid
I first learned to use it

The sound waves came from there
My throat as I screamed in despair
I knew from that time back then
That I would rhyme like Eminem

I could write I loved to write
I kept on writing day and night
The bigger the days the goals in sight
Rose and rose like those rose by my window

Until I couldn't see no more!
My goals rose out like steam they poured!
Up the hills they ran a way
The day I realized my talent swayed

Sure I had versives they just need rhythm
Sure I had words with many syllables in them
Only problem is that I couldn't sing
The low tunes only what I could bring

But who knows, if I walk on high heels I just might reach
Higher hills like the ones there those I see in front of me
Where do I really want to be? Up on that stage?
To get there, I know, that something must change

27 Don't Die In War, Just Die, War (0:50)

Die, Die! Why don't you die now!
War, war, just go on die now.

Bam the boom we're damned in tune Woot.



26 End Of Another End, Start Of Another Part (1:11)

I think I should sleep now
But I can't keep down my writing flow
Today no boundaries I know
My phrases shine and my verses glow

I think I should sleep now
But I can't keep down my writing yo
Today no boundaries I see
There are no fences in front of me

I just
Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump
Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump
JajabaJump Style

25 Japanesse Mimical Shortage (0:45)

Oh yeah! I'm yay okay, like the Samurai my own way, has led me astray I'm lost and glossy
Hey Hey! I stay betrayed, like the Sekai at his age, I fail with plagues, dissarays of evil
Bei Obey! I slayin sage-s, like the Ninja that I am is, Miamis Mon-amis mildly matter to me
Say! Do you know the way to south side subway? I'm lost and glossy and I think I should convey

My commotioned emotioned, commissioned and glistened. Thank you that you listened while my soul is imprisoned.
It isn't

24 My Head Spinning (0:34)

My head spinning round and round and it don't stop
I can feel the bunny hoppin in its cage upon tabletops
My head spinning round and round and it won't seize
I can see the bunny hopping dizzily by my bare feet

My head spinning round and round and it won't still
I can picture the funny bunny hopping unstopping at will
My head spinning round and round just for a while
As my bunny bough by web design money cowers in denial

23 Go Live (0:34)

Ferocious like a toaster
Life is just a loaf of clover
Deranged like a toad
And that loaf of clover growing old

You better eat it
Before it dries up and withers away!
You better eat it
One of these! Days!

You better eat it
Before you grow old and gray
Just like the loath of older clover
That in that cupboard just lay

Absorbed by age

22 Zeus Got Issues (0:39)

I keep
My inspiration coming
My fingers never sleep
They're just constantly drumming

Out of closets I creep
Early Sunday morning
Cause I can hear Zeus in the sky
Angry! Up there! STORMING!

Yeah he's raging, he needs a vacation
But he really can't get down or take a step now
From his porch that his wife Lyndell
Told him to mend she was gone to hell

And he's worried thin
I feel sorry for him
That's why I don't sleep
And just folly with sin

Bitterly, Unweathered like Wilted Wheat
Keep me sleeping deeply, through the morning
When Zeus is up there storming in his misery
And Lyndell shedding heat just like the witch she be


21 Fishing Tripping (1:19)

There was a fish
That I fished out of the sea
I just grabbed it
But it wouldn't let go of me

I thought I'd stab it
And put it out of its misery
But just as I pulled out my knife
The fish said "don't you fight!

Cause I'm Zeus, the god of gods
And you don't want to mess with me naw
I might look like a cod but this is really me
The heavens threw me down, down into the sea

I'll be back there in a week,
Right now I'm frail and weak
But when I return to where I belong,
I'll become big and I'll become strong

Yeah right, look at me
I said and hit him with my knee
I was about to put him to sleep
When a thunder crackled down from the sky

It hit my boat, it hit me as if he hit a remote
So suddenly, the skies were blue, now I was in puddle dude
And these fish came, came from nowhere and just swallowed me
The dinner dish main, it felt ugly as a lobotomy

Then I woke up in a pile of cotton fleece, warm as a lobster feverish with disease
And that is the why and when, I said to myself to never eat fish again

20 Inspirational Shot At This (0:46)

I don't know why!
Sometimes when nothing meets my eye!
I don't break down and cry
I just scribble scribble scribble

I don't know when!
I'll feel this inspirational flow again!
But when it comes I think I know how it feels to be high
Cause I can sour in the vast blue sky

Even if I'm moody
Even if I'm just a little bit depressed!
My life is just a constant school and each day is a test
But I'm deluded, and I can only write without rest

So let me handle this
With hips by my fingertips grips that flip my limbs
Like a candlestick I get a KICK out of writing
As I get dizzy when allnighting

Another short piece like this is ALL
I have in sighting, so move forwards, yall..

19 Afteraches (1:19)

I played chess, just about two hours
Didn't feel like less, my life was sour
Opponents attacked, but I devoured
Them slowly - my ground was holy

Battle after battle, battles were won
Still it didn't seem like my work was done
I couldn't fetch inspiration, no aspirations
Don't feel like doing aaaanything just waiting

For the day to stop so I can go to bed
Lie there for a while and clear my head
I've been waaay to efficient need to slow down
Get my head higher up and my feet on the ground

I don't think I want to listen, don't think I want to frown
Still I don't feel like smiling, I just don't feel that my limbs
Are fond enough, of the state since yesterday, my mistake,
Should have trained better anyway, but I don't care, I just stare

Solemnly and spread my words
Out into the

That stretches on for mile!
Completely - without trial!

All this violence!
Compressed and without rest
They hand this!
They handle this as they do best!

But they can't contain
And we just complain
They name no names
But we feed on fame

So give it up you've had
Your fifteen minutes mad
As a lunatic in cold asylums
Please don't stop the sirens

They let me sleep

18 Why Me (0:36)

I don't really think you understand this place I'm in
But I just gotta hand it to you man you know your thing
When the water is blue, the ground is brown, going hungry now
The earth crumbles doooown - and the walls cave in

Into my cave I don't feel like saving anything

17 Slay Those Demons (0:25)

When the night falls down
From the sky to the ground
And the darkness creeps
And the populace sleeps

There are demons to be found!
In the park by valiant beach!
So grab your swords and slay their sons!
Don't let the demons become!

All the world
All of US
All the world
All of US

All the world
All of US
All the world
All of US

16 Moral (0:40)

If you want to be right
Don't dare to be wrong
For this sole purpose
I wrote down this song

If you want to go right
Don't dare to go left
If you don't catch your flight
You don't need to be dressed

If you don't walk all night
You won't see the morning sun
And you're feet won't burn like fire
So listen up, everyone!

There's a moral to everything
A moral in store
A moral to big for us
To understand more

There's a moral for everyone
In your cereal, in your drawers
The moral stalking florals
Waiting outside your doors oh

Knock Knock

15 Hope Slope (1:06)

I won't follow the same road blindly
When there's a vacuum cleaner blowing up behind me
I don't think I know too much
I don't think I know enough

I won't stop to keep on striving
I won't give up I'll keep on surviving
Even though I know I'm such
I'm such and underrated bluff

I won't follow the same road blindly
When there's a vacuum cleaner blowing up behind me
I don't think I know too much
I don't think I know enough

I won't stop to keep on striving
I won't give up I'll keep on surviving
Even though I know that I touch
The peoples with my hearts!

I tear their lives apart!
I know all that they are!
I tell them that they're stars!
Even though they're all slime.

14 Woot Woot (0:18)

Now this is how it should be going
This is how the rhymes should be flowing
Writing it down and recording it in a day
But it seems like my voice is just fading away

13 When The Luck Stops (0:55)

I don't care what you did to this planet
Just forget about the old Jackson Janet
There's a new star shining up high!
Shedding it's light as the days pass by!

No it's not Michael, and no it's not Moore
And I don't care about the clothes Tommy wore
I don't care about the platinums Fifty Cents made
I won't bother being afraid

That he'll come after me when I make my millions
Because to me he seems like a big bluff
And even if he has a zillion minions
It seems to me he just won't have enough

To beat the Cyberdevil cause he's living on forever
Spitting out so much material not just a lot but better
I scribble so many poems, I send so many letters
I write so many stories, that my fingers feel like FIRE

The one I admire, is R. L. Stine, seems like he did so more with his life than I did with mine!
But no worries I'll catch up, I'll just keep spawning creativity until I'm out of luck.

12 Another Ha Ha (0:31)

As long as we laugh then theres still is hope
Have I lost my laughter? Never! Nope!
I can laugh at command, I can laugh on demand
I can laugh at request, laughter is what I do best

Haha! Haha!

As long as we have laughter we're not all out
Of the hope that keeps us spinning about
The times may be low, and gray, and grimy!
But just laugh and laugh at Haha! Haha!

Haha . . . and leave the dull world behind me . . .

11 Last Try (0:22)

Please! Give us Peace!
Stop the wars! Make them seize!
Make them stop! Killing each others!
All of us brothers! All a big family!

But it seems my tries don't do shit!
I have the power! I just might use it!
Blow this whole world to smithereens!
If you don't do anything.

10 Peace (0:54)


You know I can sing!
About the joys that this great world bring
You know I can shout!
And let all my emotions out

You know I can sign!
My name all over the borderlines
Because I cross them!
Oh so many times, in, in

In search for beauty! In search for art!
Seems the whole world was torn apart!
In search for future! In search for start!
Seems that we can't change our ways

I've been trying to make this a better place!
I've been trying to let us start a new phase
I've been trying to save the human race!
And let us all find


9 Forgotten Heroes (0:49)

Believe in what you see
Yes what you see is what you get
An outlet of all humanity
All the humanity left

Believe in what you need
All the tension and regret
An outlash for all famished feelings
All that returns in depth

If you see what I mean now
Then you know I mean what I see
I'm not as mean as a limbreaper
I'm just mean as an automobile

If you see what I stopped then
When the whole world was at stake
It seems you just don't realize
That you came here too late

8 Quacker (0:33)

I don't know how to react
When my life is all intact
It just gets all my shit whack
I feel overcracked with my head back

Relax like a heavyweight
Slow down all the guardians say
But I'm getting my own way
I just won't let me be fooled

I don't want back to school

I don't how to respond
When there's frogs all over the pond
I try yawning up all morning
Until these dam frogs are gone

But it seems like they won't leave!
Seems like they won't let me be!
My whole pond clogged with frogs
These damn beasts they made me see

I don't want back to school

7 All A Mystery (0:54)

Oh Boo
What do I do
It's all a mystery
It's all history to me

Oh Boo
What did I say to you?
That made you pissed at me
I really have no clue

Oh Boo
Why did you react that way?
Why did you smack my face and say?
The evil all men do

Oh Boo
You left me so confused
It's all a mystery
It's all history, to me, to me

Oh Boo

6 Once Upon A Time (0:20)

It was a long time ago
That time when you know when
There was a lot that happened
That happened way back then

But it was such a long time ago
That time that you know what
That maybe the old dudes remember
But me? I do not

5 Lending Me My Hand (0:18)

Give me five!
Just five more!
It's what I strive!
It's all I live for!

The truth alive!
More and forever more!
Just give me five!
Just give me yours!

4 Diver (0:58)

He dove down down down
Into the red brown ground
What did he find there?
What was it he found?

Was it a big treasure?
A great big pot of gold?!
Well I don't know, you tell me yo
Let the revelations unfold!

He's been down for two hours
Two hours and eight days
Two hours eight days and three years!
He's been away

All this time I've wondered
What did he find it that place?
Emeralds? Diamonds? Oh!
Maybe the eternal gates!

A shipment of stolen crates
That the pirates hid late
The last century
It wouldn't surprise me at all

Every day the sun rises
I look down that grate
And think about what he found
Since it's getting so late

Maybe Pandoras box?
Maybe eternal peace?!
If he did, hah
The world can be at ease

But no matter the flatter
My wonders won't seize
What did he find down there
In all that grime and grease


3 Piece Of Me (0:25)

You want a piece of me?
You know you'll seize to be?
You can't breath the heat
Why not admit defeat!

You want a piece of me?
You know I'll break you to pieces easily?
Throw your bits to the west and to the east?
And when you're gone we'll have a great big feast!

You want a piece of me?
I uphold peace with ease
So do yourself the justice please
And seize to be

2 Deal? (0:20)

Man that feels like a good deal
Cause I don't think I can cut through steel
I don't think I can cuff or steal
I'm just part of this great big wheel

Called earth
Call earth

It's 9 1 111

1 Primary (0:22)

It's the one
It has begun
It's number one
Lets have fun

Lettuce walks
So let us run!
It's the primary prime
The fine of all time

The lines are aligned
The crimes are divine
Let's shine like the sun
Bright as the blossom of a gun!

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