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Sunday Chimes

I woke up this one morning, and started writing my daily words, and then I started writing my poem. It didn't turn out quite as I had planned - more like a song than a bit of writing, so I wrote something else. And then I wrote a bit more. And before I knew it this had begun: Chimes revived! Of times of life, from light till night, with rhyme so bright, it slices eyes.

It's all in just one or two takes, written and recorded on one day, Feb 21: Sunday. A fun day. From brunch and then, till 6 PM. One hour worth of verse and mouthfuls of madness.

00 - Sunday Morning (0:51)

When was the last time I wrote a full 99 bits of rhyme in one day?
So much rhyme... when was the last time I had so much made?
So much... I'm running out of voice and inspiration, the choice that I'm facing:
Should I keep on tonight, and write out the rest of these rhymes?
Or leave a little space for another day, and let my voice heal and refine?
And let these words reel in and grow? Let me get back to stealing the show?
But I don't even know if this was dope prose I wrote or if it's like a line of blow in the snow?
But what the hell, who am I to tell, let it well on however it goes.

And make the most of it!
I won't be the guy, who could've pushed, but then chose to quit!
No siree, I'll be that one emcee who writes prose whether the flow is dope or not,
I'll always be on tops. Spinning them at whim. I'll never grow up. Let's begin:

01 - I Don't Stop (0:33)

I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I don't stop for nothing.

I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I don't stop!
No I'm not bluffing.

I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I'm huffing, puffing.

I don't stop!
I don't stop!
And I may not have time to pick up my real mic before tonight and I quite like to get these things done in the mornings, but it's OK I write. And I don't stop. I don't stop. I don't stop.

02 - But I Don't Stop (0:49)

I got my voice recorder before me,
I'm warming up I'm warming,
I'd better warn you that...
I'm feeling pretty good this morning.

I haven't written chimes in ages,
But I keep my written pages piled,
Right now I'd rather... not wait a while,
I need to farther my stride, need to get farther cause I'm I!

And I've got an eye for nice rhymes!
I write best when I do so in bite-sized bits and pieces
Spend the summer with my uncles and nieces,
But my uncles are under and it's a wonder I keep fit...

Well no longer I'm on a diet now,
It makes me sleep less but not eat less just eat right,
And makes me write alright I feel like I'm alright,
I feel like this was quite... meaningless

But I don't stop!
I don't stop!
I don't stop!

03 - I Won't Stop (0:52)

No I won't stop!
I'll keep going till my flow drops!
I'll keep going till I zone out and go *pop*
Or rock or roll, or lose all self control, I'll keep going till there's no other places I'd rather go!

Gonna steal the show!
And you'll never get it back! Haha!
I laughed too early,
I guess that you will laugh last?

I have an aft past but now it's all before me,
I remember the times and the... times were stormy.
But everyone has a past in the past right.
I look back at the passage of past pasts some times.

I look at them in a black light.
I see new truths unfold in the veil of this sad night.
But it's a morning now it's Sunday and it's one day where I feel like I can do:
Anything that is fun yay

So I won't stop I'll run way,
Way right past this runway I don't feel like taking off,
Anything, so I'll just sunbathe, like it or not
I won't Stop.

04 - Noooo I Won't Stop (0:41)

Noooo I won't stop!
Cause I can do so much more!
I can light a candle,
And roast some candy smores

Noooo I won't stop!
Cause I can do so much!
I can live the life and stuff!
I won't give it up!

Noooo I won't... stop!
I won't stop, opening doors, opening locks!
Giving each new day all I got!
No I won't stop...

Noooo I won't... stop!
I won't stop, getting attention, forgetting to mention!
Whatever I wanted to and whatever I got!
I won't stop.

05 - Sky's Too Bright (0:13)

Sound ender,
Rhyme bender,
Comprehend my time -
Is nigh or never,
I'll die clever,
I'll fly tethered,
I lift my weight and shy
My eyes! The sky's too bright.

06 - Ladybug On My Mug (0:42)

Woke up and it was summertime
I can't wear a frown now
Yes the ground is brown
Cause we wear the ground down
Sitting in the sauna trying to wind down
Sipping some fire water listening to whinehouse sound
I wear a gown when I exit
It's bed and then breakfast
I have enough appetite for my next kin
After bedresting ingestion
Swim? A suggestion
I'll take you on a trip to my next summerlesson
It's not work and no play: it's work and play
All day, till our arms feel like they burst and break
We go berserk till late, then we shine and dine
I always feel I'm in my prime when it's summertime
Ladybug on my mug it's a - summer sign

Lady bugs me for hugs it's...

07 - Go Far Away (0:59)

I don't think you understand!
I see time as clear as air
This world is my wonderland
I wish you would disappear

All of you just irk me so
While I've got this Earthly hold
I wish I could just purge you trolls
All of my emones, go

Go far away...
Go far away...
Go far away...
Go far...
Go far...

Go far away...
Go far away...
Go far away...
Go far...
Go far...

Go far away...

08 - To God (0:22)

Some people feed of evil, in this dream called life.
And it might need a sequel, I'd like to live it twice.
Are my hopes too feeble, or just good advice?
Come on God, I know your up there in the skies.

Maybe in disguise, but why are you hiding?
When all the people down in this world keep striding.
Yeah. I wonder. Why.

09 - Uberclocked (0:37)

I look at my uberclock, people tell me to stop
I'll do a lot of stupid things but stop I will not
All of you uberkids, think you're such hot shots
Let me tell you my plot, let me tell you why I'll never get writers block!
Wait, don't quote it! I just have no ulterior motives.
I'm homely, I live by my prose like an OG you know me
I stay up late nights I get no sleep
I'm solely responsible for my life so I'm low key/lonely/notably
Not stoned but stoney!
I know and own me, not the state, nor all you phonies roaming on streets
Sick by your cellphone glow, oh how I miss you so, 90s: were on a roll
Here we go, oh oh oh oh here we go yo

10 - Here We Go Yo! (0:51)

Here we go yo!
I got my phone out no doubt no no no no
I don't use my phone no, I don't use cellphones
I use home phones when I'm at home

And I got my cellphone on flight mode when I'm out that
Phone is unnecessary cause I'll be right back
It's so logic you can't fight that
And on flight mode: they can't trace me

You can face me but you can't deface me!
I don't know if I'm too rad or just lazy
But I guess since I'm doing this it must be the former
I'm just warming up so here's a warmer

It might be a little senseless and mystical
And this whole album is egoistical
It's just about me and nobody else
But I just know this whole world myself

I don't know how you know it
I don't know if you know it and I don't think you control it
But someday I'll be in control
World domination, that's my goal yo

So I can change the world and make it better
I'll change the alphabet not just one letter
No one won better than I did I'm open my lids
My eye lids! And now I'll try live. Yeah!

11 - No Ideas (0:07)

Yeah that's that.
That's a pretty good idea that: idea.
I think I got one. Nope, I got none.
I got no ideas.

12 - Big Minds Think, I Like (0:38)

I just want to make history!
I want to be the big, big story!
I want to be the big, big emcee!
The one they all look up to... I'll flee the greed!
I'll become Indie, I'll get out all that's in me!
I'll become free like the wind, you can't spin me!
But you can spin my CD like a pin wheel!
And you can feel all the fury that I didn't steal!
It's all mine! It's all mind-warping!
From the mind of a pined portion of
Unorphaned ore, I grew up morphin,
Cyberdevil bout to grow to a whole new proportion. Yeah!
I'm dwarfin, growing from a man to an old man that's how I live,
Until my mind's big.

13 - When I'm In My So-Own (0:23)

When I'm in my zone
I pick up my microphone, and spit it just like a trombone
When I'm in my zone
When I'm not snowed in in my snow den and alone

When I'm in my zone!
When I'm in my so-own zone
When I'm in my zone!
When I'm in my so-own zone

When I'm in my zone.

14 - Opening Doors (0:39)

So I'm in zone now... I guess?
I'm opening doors, try to get some fresh air... get dressed.
I got my bowl of muesli in front of my yet.
The morning is wasting away, and it started so sunny this Sunday
But the Sun just faded away as I...

As I wrote this, I don't know if I'm closed in,
If you look at my life closely, what will you see I chose, then?
Am I opening doors anymore, am I getting places, am I growing faces?
Or am I just complicating life, contemplating, in these cages.
I'm in my zone now, I guess. My so-own.

15 - Caged In (0:15)

I'm writhin in insecurity
Life, this is what you do to me
My strife is riddled with inner scrutiny
Why do I have to try to find what's new
Each new flaw, what I do and at what cost, it's all a zoo to me

16 - Ape Business (0:34)

Suit up, boots to knees
Socks on, rock on
Groom and breathe

Get out on stage aaand
Show you my steeze!
Yeah! I truly feel
New today

I don't feel nude today!
I feel clothed
I feel truly human
Not that ape you would make

In your laboratories
Just labbing with no worries
You should get to dabbing
In another category

Cause you know this could get ugly
You know this could get gory
You could accidentally create a virus
That wipes out the human race

Do you see it on my face, Ace?
Planet of the Apes.

17 - Wonders (0:40)

What is life? Who are we? Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? Are we the only ones? Or does the infinite space that surrounds us, also divide us from our kin? The creator, God, does he roam around the Cosmos? Is he sitting comfortably in a control booth somewhere up in the heavens? Does he exist? Do we exist? Is this life merely a figment of our imagination... a dream? An illusion? Is reality but what we make for ourselves? Is there a meaning with life? A message? Are we here for a reason? Do we question for a reason? What do you believe?

18 - This Hall Of Shade (0:34)

You could live together, die together
Cry together maybe but try together
To find the truth, not just live this lie forever
Could live the life, you could reach the skies together
My biggest fear is being alone
I envy those who roam the streets in their neon home
And the streets and the lights as kin
I could never bond with my lighting like them
Nor do I bond with the path that I follow
It's outlined with less laughs than sorrow
Yes wrath does follow I guess that tomorrow
Is brighter, if you live within the night not just fight all
All that's gray, it's all I made, this hall of shade

19 - Merry Round? I'll Pass. Go (0:19)

I'm not fast I'm slow
Wonder when I'm...
Ever gonna pass my go
Life's a merry go round
But me and Merry Go rounds
Are catastrophal
If I go then I go down
I'll throw up
While alla yall blow down
Maybe I'll go black like
When am I ever gonna pass my

20 - Aaaand I Won't Stop (0:36)

Aaaand I won't stop
No no
Aaaand I won't stop
No no

Aaaand I won't stop
No no
Aaaand I won't stop
No no

I won't ever ever ever ever ever ever stop
I won't never ever ever ever ever stop
I won't never ever ever ever ever ever stop

No I won't ever stop...
I won't ever stop...

I won't ever stop.

21 - Back In The Day (0:41)

Back in the day I used to write poetry,
Every night before I'd go to sleep,
Back in the day I had a flow and beat,
Back in the day nobody would know it's me.

Back in the day I was an unknown!
I'd live the school life and then run home!
And play a little games and maybe listen to music!
And then I'd write a bunch of shit.

Back in the day was so fun though..
Pressureless, every day was just a run yo
No running out of ideas or running out of time
Just running running running all the time

And I felt better on my feet than I do now,
Sitting where I'm sitting, thinking I should move out,
Or at least do some exercise outside,
Before this day goes by. Get out of my: mind.

22 - I'm... Like A Floating Light (0:15)

Like a floating light,
Like a poltergeist,
Like a ghost I feal,
Is this prose by me?
Is this prose so true?
Is it prose for you?
It's so easy to,
Write a line,
And I'm.

23 - Manipulation Nation (0:29)

Badabong badabing gotta do a lotta things
And I sing what a song and I feel like a king
On a big building yeah feel like King Kong
But I know as I swing there's a spotlight on

And they're gonna shoot me down shoot me down shoot now
Scooby Doo where are you where's the truth right now
Where's the youth right now where's the revolution
We live in fear and it appears confusion

We live in a world not to our choosing!
We fight in a battle that we are losing!
No one is winning they think but they're used in!
A global nation of manipula-manipulation

24 - I'm Solo (0:11)

I'm so low, I'm down on my knees like a rowboat
I don't want potatoes and peas I want a
I'm so broke I don't need to see
Roach smoked

25 - Ghost Writer (0:52)

I'm not a ghost writer I'm a fucking ghost rider
I'm a go all night till I don't go!
I'm a fucking all nighter brawl fighter tall sight
Take a bite of me and I'm a let go

I'm feeling wise and seeing skies
Seeing stars as I coast down the boulevard
To my surprise I'm in a car and I'm about to go far
Coasting to the coast to where hopes are

But then I'm sinking I have no arms
I'm clawing for air but there's nobody here
Nobody to help me and nobody to hear my scream
I choke I sink I hope it's... just a dream

And it is! I wake at six to fresh bliss!
My wishes fulfilled and my visions enrichning
I settle in a better position, and listen
To the birds chirp, I got work but it's nothing to be missing if I skipped it

Bliss don't come easy
Waking in the morning to a world made to please me
Cheesy song is cheesy but hey feel the breeze flee
Your cage and be free just face the deep sea

Ghost Writer

26 - Twenty Sick Years (0:44)

THIS is how many years I've lived now!
Damn. Time for a sit down.
And am I rich now?
Not really, but I can make rich sound

I'm still chasing my visions
Chasing my dreams, like it's my mission
And I'm feeling pretty good about life
Even though I never understood how to be wise

Guys...? Can you tell me the secret?
You don't really have to keep it to yourself do you?
Or maybe you don't know it? Maybe no one does
Maybe nobody's holy

Wisdom is like the pinnacle of truth.
But old age is the pinnacle of youth.
Life's all one big contradiction
But listen, life is: a big addiction too

I've lived twenty six sick years!
But still, it's just too few

27 - Build It Up (1:07)

Build it up, build it up, I'll live it up, live it up
Like a LEGO city with a million buds of LEGO
I'll get a grip on life and I won't ever let go
Build it up, build it up

Build it up, build it up, I'll live it up, live it up!
I'll keep going up till I reach the ceiling
You can't get me down even if you were a million
Build it up, build it up

Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it up!

Build it up quick cause the more you build the better,
Nothing lasts forever and ever and ever,
Everything you build will inevitably crumble,
But till then I'm going all out gung ho

Build it up build it fast build it greater,
Than any any other content creator,
Make a million poems let them just stream out of your mind,
Leave not a single line behind

Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it up!
Build it up, build it, up.

28 - Something Quick (0:27)

Better write something quick,
Cause I feel like I might just be sick,
Sick of this world and all the bullshit,
That you fools just keep up to pull shit,
You should jump in a pool and just dunk it,
Get into a mosh pit and just funk it,
Fuck it get abducted and trucked off,
Into the distance cause you lack visions man I'm so:
Sick of you little bastards,
I rose up of a rift out of alabaster,
Rose to be a king but I'm sinking after,
Cause you all want: bling and a kinky banter.

29 - Solo Han Solo (0:27)

Han Solo's not solo no he got the one yo
Yo Han! You got the one Yoko Ono better hold on
Hold in it strong like Bionic like Gromit with a bone you know
One day you'll be saying Hon to the one in that photo so
Han Solo's non-solo yo he gotta run gogo Han!
He got the Han show so he gotta run foes off
Face off and chase off every Hun in his own or someday
Han will be a no show and non-solo a nogo so Han
Get up and gogo Han.

30 - Third Way There! (0:08)

It's shaping Up!
It's going Down!
It's getting Right!
Just a little more Left...

31 - I Had A A Dream (0:35)

I had a dream I was living
But then I woke up, wanted to give life a second chance
But I aint giving just taken
My name my game it's all forsaken
Still playing on my same shame and pain
The same negation, who am I kidding
My brain is way too great for just sizzling!
By the screen, while still I'm bitching
Bout my means, and my vision
But someday I'll close the gates in
If I'm still out I'll break in

I had a dream and someday I will make it
More than just a dream, I'll break in

32 - I Break It Down (0:31)

Breakin down down down
Into a little crumb of what I was once upon a time
When the ground was green and I saw a scene
With a sawing machine

And I just! I just!
Sawed! All day long
Yeah aw! All day long
I just sawed! All day long
And then I chopped up those logs
With an axe like a bomb
I! Break it down.

33 - My Calender (0:52)

I got my calender on my wall right in front of me...
It's all patched up with pen work like an odyssey...
I got so much on my mind that I try to free...
And I write some down on paper I document my deeds...

I got my calender on my wall all covered in ink...
I could tear it down in a single blink...
All the things I've written down gone just like that...
And my day would be so free and I'd get it back...

But I want to do these deeds cause I'm made like that!
Life's a stressing machine but I'm OK with that!
Yeah I'm OK! With that.

34 - Still On My Chimes (0:09)

I still haven't made a mixtape
It's bit late, but here I come now!
No way man I'm!
Still working my chimes!

35 - Chimes! All Day! Always! Chimes! (0:20)

Chimes, all day and every time.
I could spend all day from the morning line.
To the end of the day to the divine.
Sun setting down behind the nearby pine.

Just writing. Writing writing writing.
Recording recording. Writing writing writing.
Is it a fight, I don't know when the fight ends.
Cause I can never beat myself. Wait a minute...

36 - Shot A Kite (0:26)

I'm feeling fly, like I shot a kite
Straight into the blue, out the blue, grab a knife
Slash it slash it, slash that ass Kite!
Stab them backstabbers in the abdomens! Fight!
I'm half nomad half no man I'm literally YES
Still emceeing even if I'm not swimming in greens YET
This hiphop game's a tip-top plain it's a paradox
It's Pandora's box without the locks.
And if your name is Smith: Open it.

37 - Afterlife After Life (0:27)

This dis appeared but then it disappeared!
Rappers are like that, always trying to climb up on hype
But not this guy, I just hope I'll survive the mic
The way I lash out, don't matter if there's cash in sight I'll bite
Life is quite alright life is quiet sometimes but then I -
Voice up and noise toughens you up! Get noise much?
My noise roughens me up and I'm poised up
Ready to get out and fight, like I'm, I'm coming after life!
I'm coming afterlife!

38 - Check IT: I Am Great (0:37)

Check it, don't be too reckless.
I know you're sicking of me saying this but while I'm on the subject I'll bet it's:
Never too late to regret this
World of fate the woven dreams, my breakfast is hectic

Last morning I had no time for a TV dinner
I let my meal simmer for five minutes then eat some thinner
And get thinner than a Finnish dish of ink and liver
Can it get thinner I think not but I drink pot water and stink pot

I'll be stuck in your mind like an ink clot on paper
Save me in your space and replay me for later
You can repay me for blatant disregard of adspace
Who's that face, it's me yeah, it's me and I-am-GREAT

39 - Today? Word. (0:25)

I didn't know what I would do today, when I woke up
Would I chase the view behind the shades would I joke up
Something about how I live today like a soap bar
Sliding like a rope car, dope like a key of coke

I'm not your regular bloke, I'm irregular
I'm a leveler, I strive to rise up yet I never stir
Every word I say is worlds away from every world.

40 - Sun Rains Down (0:31)

The sun rains down on me...
The sun rains down from a cloudy sky!
The sun rains down on me...
And I watch it fade, and pass me by.

The sun rains down on me...
The sun rays rain, down on me.
The sun rains down on me...
That's all I see, in my cloudy life.

41 - Maybe Some YEAR (0:18)

Fortunately it's not like this every
But this one I feel like I just don't
There are ups and there are downs but I don't know
I am now I'm stuck in the middle
Living just a little, trying to get out and be clear
And get somewhere, yeah, maybe some

42 - Meningen Försann (0:27)

Jav vann en gång
På en Triss i fjol
Jag var så glad
Lånade syrrans kjol

Stack ut på dans
Och vann en valls
Allt man får
Med tollerans

Var på Bingo
Var så glad
All min tur
På samma dag

Dagen efter
Regnade det ner
Jag vann inget då
Jag vann aldrig mer

Jag slösade min tur
Och mitt liv tog slut
På en trevlig dag
I sista minut

43 - Stjärnteckens Visan (0:24)

Vågen stack som den giftiga skoropionen
Fiskarna ålade snabbt till vattumanen
Skytten sköt som ett skott från kanonen
Stenbocken stångade vattnet i hamnen
Tvillingarna lekte med dynamitdeg
Oxen hade tråkigt och ville vara med
Vinden viskar så sorglig och seg
Lejonet åt upp ett svärd från en smed
Jungfrun är vissen

44 - Ung Ljung Sjung (0:23)

Ljung frun svajar i vinden
Vinden från mitt rus
Vinden trillar ut
Vintern är i blom!
Vintern i mitt hus
På vinden ser jag ut
Ut i ljuva dungen
Där svajar ljuva ljungen

45 - Clowning Around, First I Spit (0:28)

I've been clowning around like there's not enough smiles
Was it worthwhile? I guess we'll known in a while
They say a picture's worth a hundred but pictures are redundant
I take 'em every summer every winter it's a wonder
I have space for all these pictures
Better write scriptures, textfile on a thousand lines still kilobits worth
I'm gonna riddle this Earth with my rhythm and verse
Spit till my lips burst! This is just the first.

46 - Little By Little (0:12)

Little by little I love the life.
Lid off but I'm littered by riddles.
Want to be smack in the middle.
But I'm a wrack from the fiddles -
Like a killer on crack, here's a scribble.

47 - Not Real (0:37)

Let me tell you a story,
It's for you, it aint for me,
Love hate greed jealousy -
It came in without warning.
Came in fast like a stormy sea,
The winds blew me out of reach,
I flew over cityskapes,
The great wind in my cape,
Like a kite I flew away,
I hope I'll still see you someday,
I thought as I flew.
But what's a thought what's a view,
What's it all but the truth,
It's not real!
That's exactly how I feel,
It's not real! It's not real!
I keep telling myself -
That's exactly how I feel!
It's not real. Not real. Yeah.

48 - Lågan Har Stannat (0:10)

Jag har inte tid för någonting annat,
Klockan den går men lågan har stannat.
Lågan har stannat.

49 - Something So I Feel OK (0:14)

Dude say... what?!
Everybody want to loose their mind now!
I've been in the dark so long time I climbed out!
Been in the dark long time I better write a rhyme now
Time to write a song! Time to spill my mind's doubt.
Time to do something for this new day,
So I'll feel OK.

50 - Lizard Spit (0:57)

I see a lizard spitting,
I think a bit if I was living I would shift positions,
I'd get the hell away from looking and get doing fluently
Till I'm pursuing music smoothly just doing things that move me, and make me truly free!
What does it really take to be a huge emcee!
What does it take to tame a stage and feel at ease?
Without sissying out pissing missions as I systemize my doubt,
I got visions in my head but just shit in my mouth!
I'm out, I don't have what it takes to be a loudmouth,
Soon as people start screaming their shit I mouth down,
I don't see the point in this insulting and I guess then,
I'll be the quitter cause verbally there's no way that I can best Em.
Some people are destined, I thought I was the rhino,
The one who'd tear through this innardly industry! The hell if I know,
What I'd climb for, why I'd go all the way,
When I wake up it doesn't take much for minor mistakes to make my day.
It doesn't take much for me to forget my verses, wish I had,
Not a camera brain I'm... envisioning a pad,
Better get up and saddle up and get the hell out of Tombstone,
I'm not competing, I'm abuse-prone, I'm getting a new throne.

51 - One Piece (0:24)

I watched One Piece, it's the place to where all these crumbs lead when I feel bummed; beat,
Like how the air is my lung's feed! When I'm down I lunge out for this Strawhatted chump's deeds!
He inspires me, he never tires me, his aspiration is what I desire see,
Not to be a pirate or find One Piece, but to have such a strong belief, in me.

52 - Lunch Break (0:59)

I gotta take a lunch break now...
Cause I'm running out of... not feeling hungry!
I've been on a short walk cause I felt this small talk,
Was making me kind of hoarse.

So I thought I'd write a few more lines then,
Show you I'll keep smoking prose till time ends,
All in perfect alignment, that's just the kind of man I am,
And these words are my men!

These words are my soldiers!
They'll never age, not even when I grow older.
When I'm sitting on the throne with a beard and a body that's weird like bone,
The soldiers keep me geared and prone:

To do mastery!
Just take a trip to Bro, if you want a battle me,
I don't care for cameras for battle raps but if you really want to,
I'd be interesting to see how that'd be.

I can't freestyle for a minute,
I can write knee-deep piles of this shit though, even if it's late!
No matter night or morning, always my brain is storming, new words are forming,
New lines in motion, my mind's an ocean, it waves on way strong like the wakes a punch makes-
Hold on: it's lunch break.

53 - Back To The Beat (0:38)

Aaaand I'm baaaaaaa-a-a-a-a-ack!

Back to the beat!
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat

Winter man, it irks me!
It irks so much it hurts to breath! I've got berserker dreams

But I'm back to the beat!
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat
I've got my back to the beat, I've got my
Back to the back to the beat I got the back to the beat

I've got my back to the beat.

54 - In The Assassination Classroom (0:42)

You never know what's gonna happen,
In the assassination classroom.
And how does he get his rent paid, with such a low wage -
Koro Sensei?

Going out on school vacations
The fools to play them - they'll get their share,
This is E class - we're all freaks and
You'll find no discrimination here.

Every day is a game of Death,
Every day is a lesson of a life,
Every day is a play in the shade,
Grab your gun run go and get your knife,

Every day could be his last breath,
But with 20 Mach speed he don't stress,
Every day his future is at stake,
How much more can he take when he wakes you may say..

But it's a piece of cake to: Koro Sensei.

55 - Live This Life (0:55)

Don't trip!
You want to live this life?
Well you better get a grip
Stuck in my strife and it's all a pile of shit
But it's all politics a buddy used to say
He sure has changed since the day he said that
My favorite rapper used to wear a red cap
Don't know what happened to him but he could shred
Way better than Eminem but now he's a veteran
And I don't know where the red cap has fled
You get beheaded quick in this industry
If you're just a live-in-the-now, an in emcee
I want to be somebody I'd believe in not a passing
Sucker lured in to just cash in
What I have for this art is a passion
For this game? I don't know I just rap some
I don't see the big cultural attraction
Baggy pants that look whack man isn't that a fact fun?
Act one, don't disrespect and don't try to be black that's
Three of the basic lessons you better snap up
Before you get too whack and chat too much
And do stuff, you'll regret doing that'd get you booed up
And shut up, till you can't lift even your shoes up.
You better live this life.

56 - Less Purpose = Purposeless (0:35)

Purposeless, trying to find purpose in this worldly mess,
Find something meaningful to fuel this worthless stretch,
The hurdles set, I probably look like a fool being tooled until my earthly death,
But I haven't heard my sermons yet!
Do I deserve respect? A reject heading to an early death,
My words are blessed, but me I'm feeling bested by my burning chest.
Run from my chances I don't even deserve regret,
Still on the surface yet, I should be deep I should be early,
I should hurl my e-words till my straight gets curly!
Till I'm heard and best. Less purpose = Purposeless.

57 - Nasty (0:38)

Society is so tired of me, cause I'm nasty! (echo)

58 - Gotta Tell Em Brother (0:42)

I got a tell em brother,
I gotta tell em this song, tell me this song...
I got a tell em brother,
Cause I've been down for so long, down for so long...

59 - Guess What? (0:44)

I am.
I'm so motherfucking hyped right now
Need to pipe one down, need to get a clear grasp
But I'm on sound and my round two begun
My world is pre-spun I fight on past... whatever's past 'begun'
Will I write lasting puns?
I hope I don't use names or trademark words
And be like Everland and Dunn
I need to get a breather man I'm sure you heard:

That I want to live forever,
Forever and ever.
I want my music to go into history
To never be severed.

But I'm thinking too much about such stuff
Doubting too much my route to find a way out
I mean to find a way in, I know that I can swim
But I don't feel like swimming across the sea man.

I'll emcee like a demon even when there's no demand.
That's just the way I bevel man, I'm the Cyberdevil man.
I'll keep dreaming. And guess what...

60 - Maaaan I'll Never Stop (0:04)

Maaaaaan I'll never stop.

61 - Under New Grounds (0:29)

What did I plan!
Why did it work out
the way it did
I don't understand!

I don't understand what I planned,
I don't understand how I planned it,
I've been on this plane so long,
And I never felt when it landed.

I guess I've... fallen asleep.
I guess I'm... falling asleep.
I guess I'm... all in and deep deep deep deep down
Under New Ground (s)

62 - The Cyberdemon (0:26)

The night is blacker than back in the days
It's so dark it creeps up on you and cracks up your face
I get cramps when I sit here in these blackening grays
This damp night, like a knight I battle the shade
I keep wading through the darkness but I'll make it
I'll never grow up, but you grown-ups, I'm nobody you play with
If you want to B or A - Live, concept might be alien to you
But you best believe that's how I play yeah

I'm up and free I'm the Cyberdemon

63 - I'm Getting Around (1:31)

I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all my old thoughts, and fears
All that I've bought through the years

I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all my poisons, of the past
From first to last I've been burned so bad

I had that one rash that attacked me kept me up all night tossing my blankets
I've had that blister on my thigh that didn't heal for such a long time
I've cycled into a clothing line and it caught me right in my neck
And I've hit my head on a toilet stool so hard it cracked and bled

I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all my thoughts, and fears
All that I've caught through the years

I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all things gone, it's time to move
It's time to move on

I had that one knee that dislocated and left me in a pile on the ground
I've had tinnitus in my left ever ever since I fired that one round
I've had headaches and nausea and gastritis and maybe even IBS
And who knows how much shit I'll get in whatever time I've got let

Uh, I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all my old thoughts, and fears
All that I've caught through the years

I'm getting around uh!
I'm getting a round-up of all things gone, but it's time to move now
It's time to move along

64 - Time To Move Along (1:06)

Time to move along
Time to move is it...
Time to move along
Time to get out of here...

Time to move along
Time to move is it...
Time to move along
But there's all this doubt... and fear

Time to move now
Time to move out
Time to move away
From my fear and doubt

It's time to move now
Time to pack those bags
And take the train and never ever
Look back

65 - Star Commerce (0:16)

I'm too real for the boroughs yeah too real for the burbs
All the problems of tomorrow here you'll hear of them first
All the fears that emerge, I'll be clear in my verse
Farce of the stars in the year: of commerce

Star: Commerce

66 - Starring The Sun (1:23)

Star is the sun
And the sun is out my window
But it's shining in my room
And the light is pretty bright

I want
To go outside now
I want to go and run
And have fun

I want
To sit inside too
Because I've
Just begun

To write write write
It's so bright bright bright I wanna
Write write write I wanna
Run run run!

To write write write
It's so bright bright bright I wanna
Write write write I wanna
Run run run!

Star is the sun
And the sun is outside my window glass
I want to go out and have fun
But I just can't stop, it's just too rash

I want to: Go outside now
Bathe in the starlight
Look at the sunshine
See as the clouds pass

Run on the new snow
I have no time no
I have no time now
Star is the sun but I just

Write write write
It's so bright bright bright I wanna
Write write write I wanna
Run run run!

To write write write
It's so bright bright bright I wanna
Write write write I wanna
Run run run!

Star is the sun
And the sun is out my window
But it's shining in my room
And the light is pretty

67 - State Of Hiphop Today (0:10)

Right now they're looking to crown brown, grown ass men who clown around and frown or a white man who writes rhymes in a gown just like Dan.

But man, it's just wrong. So moving on...

68 - A Growl And Grow! (0:24)

I'm grizzled! Fine chiseled fo' rizzle
I'm not the RZA, but yes I have risen like this tall
I got a hit list I hit with, I used to feel abysmal
F with all, it's a thing of the past, I'm in withdrawal at last!
Pitiful critter belittled but a bit bigger than little
I bet my lingering living to get a glimpse of the lid off
And now I see the sky, I'm a star I know
We all breathe in life and growl

And grow

69 - My Diet (0:55)

Crows, are sitting on a tree outside my house
I wish I had a backyard fountain
I wish I had a backyard first, but you can't get all you wish for
In this universe

Blackbirds these crows are but not really
Like brown beans look black and black black like jelly
With licorice and I know a bit of this
Cousine is a common interest between cooks and this emcee

I got a culinary history!
I used to eat good food, but then my stomach said: seize
And now I can't eat nor fried nor fat nor flour
Now where's the power in that?

My final hour! I really feel powerless man
I feel hourless, I just want to devour that jam!
In that glass jar! In the fridge where all flasks are!
All the things I can't eat of, so close, but damn far

It's not my own choice, my stomach has a vile voice
It speaks by itself and I hear it
And it tells me we have a scared bond: just like marriage
And when it tells me stuff I'd better listen or it won't ever keep quiet

So now I'm on a diet.

70 - Gluten Free (0:37)

I don't want to be this person no more!
I got a beef with my past I want to beat up this cast
I want to free myself from this war, this war against my mind
I try to leave it all behind
But it keeps coming back, it keeps coming back
I feel calm... to the point I'm having panic attacks
Don't know if I want to rage or if I want to cry
But I don't want to smile, I'm living in denial
I want to fight, I want to fight
But getting riled up doesn't make it right
It makes my head spin, it makes me dizzy
Getting dizzy makes me a sissy, makes my neck stiff
Makes my arm weak, makes me feel whoosy like I farm wheat
I'm gluten free I am no fool

71 - I Mean Live With A Meaning (0:20)

I'm screaming!
Gotta find my dreamland
Gotta fight demons
Gotta find a new meaning
I'm not satisfied living in a tweening
I want the FBF, some people get obsessed with FB
But not me, with me it's NG
There's plenty, to do and then see
Live like a machine, live like a demon
Whatever you choose live with meaning

72 - I Want Medals (0:58)

I want medals!
I want medals!
I want them right now!

I want medals!
I want medals!
I won't pipe down

Till I get them, glimmering bling bling things
I sing a song about all their greatness and glamour
But there are more than I can handle. Yeah...

I want medals!
I want medals!
I want them right now!

I want medals!
I want medals!
I won't pipe down

Till I get them, till I reach the top
I'll get there whether... you like it or not, I'll fight the fight till I'm right
Till I win the war and get to the write the new lore I won't stop -

All for the medals.

73 - Just Follow The Prose (0:27)

I haven't seen this world in a long time, through these eyes I'm seeing it now,
I don't know how I pulled through, I don't know,
It wasn't easy believe me, and even though I've been on TV,
It wasn't how it all should be, it wasn't how I wanted.

Whatever the works is, I'll live it and work this
Nobody is perfect, but life is a loaf
It's a rad rollercoaster! Hop on make the most sir,
Just follow the prose yo! Wherever it goes.

74 - Wherever It Goes: Just Follow The Prose (0:36)

Wherever it goes...
Just follow the prose...
It's long line, line after line
So many rows.

Wherever it goes
Just follow the prose!
It's like a long line!
Row after row...
Row after row...
Row after row...
Row after row...
Just row your boat!
And follow... the... prose.

75 - That Other Job (0:34)

Who is ruthless!
Who's todo list is hugest!
Who is the motherfucking mostest truest!
The closest to Moses the most altruist!
Well it's definitely not me cause I chose to do this
Job and then I quit. Two days of work aaaand then that's it
My brooding grew like a noodeling zit
And then I popped that shit and then I stopped a bit to think
Dripped my ink in the sink, tipped my think tank damned
Myself for even accepting this damn hand I did
Get some experience, but I got serious depression nearing here
I zoned in on fear like I'm hearing-impaired to any other ear!
But there, that's it, I did it. Then I quit.

76 - Breath Some Air (0:19)

Mmm, gotta get out in the sunshine! Feel the rays of light breath new life inside! Rise like a kite on vibes so fine not even nighttime can misalign your spine, like a pine you climb! Yeah! Gotta get outside and breath some air.

77 - Days Past (1:15)

Surrounded by nightmares that's how I'm living life here,
Not really like my peers - I realized last time I shared,
Lunch with a bunch and a buddy spilled on me and my chair,
I was like why would I care and I sat there by their chatter,
Like nothing really mattered with my platter twice cleared!

What is life who am I near? Will I change in a lightyear?
I gotta fight to feel like I might bear a little purpose I get surplus if I fare,
Well, but my surplus is like air, it's so light every little slight tears,
My sphere of perfection and I don't care for direction, still I keep on like there's,

No road to go! Have I got a gloamy soul I'm feeling oh so low...
Might be a phase to pass at least, I don't chase a glass, and I'm cold for blow.
At times I just wanna phone my bro, speak, but I don't I know I'm,
Weak, I wanna grow but I sleep, waiting for a hope or an ego peak.

And I'm in need of sleep but I don't get rest! I sleep all day but I grow so stressed!
I feel so bleak I know I'm home and blessed but I don't own my home and I get no caress.
I don't go and I don't try to do. Used to feel like I'd be proud to move,
Now I'm just feeling tired too down and uninspired - to even tidy my room,

I feel high when the moon does top the sky, day's done and I've lost the time,
But I don't give a shit now I lost my mind,

78 - My Notebook (0:20)

It's always been there for me when I needed rest,
When I stressed a bit much and could use some stretch less,
I confess, I don't get healthy with each digital dose
But I wrote the dopest flows as I coped through lows

I wrote prose verbose, I rose as I coasted and know this!
My notebook is always open yo I'm always coping

79 - Those Old Quatrain Tracks (0:34)

My poems
Where did they go man?
When did I stop?
Just writing these?

Normal four-liners?
They were so minor
They were so easy
To groom and breed

Then I went hiphop
Please make that shit stop
I want to go back
To those times

When I could write rhymes without having a rhythm
When music was new and I was eager to listen
When I wrote my dopest prose with no ambition at all!
I just wrote till I could go no more

Those four line lines!
I miss those: four line times.

80 - The Stair Off (0:16)

What are you staring at? You think that if you stare, I'll just go away? It doesn't work like that. As long as YOU are here, then I will be here. You see? So, take those stares and takes those stairs and I'll see you down there. Cyberdevil.

81 - The Question (0:21)

Back in highscool someone asked me this,
What would you do if you didn't have an ass to kiss.
I said I'd rather have an ass to kick,
And since that day I was a savage prick.
But who knows, maybe my victims were all masochists,
Enjoying every little bit of every massive hit,
I was a savage, and lyrically I'm lashing hits,
Slashing limbs with arrhythmical match and wit.
Aaaand that's it.

82 - Free Of This Reign (0:24)

How much do I have to wait...
Feels like every day is a rainy day
And in the world there is so much hate
And it won't go away, it won't fade or play by my

Rules but I rule I'm OK. My fame can wait
It can wait as I wade through the rainy days
Rain on me, rain on me, I'ma be the man I want to be
I'ma be free

83 - I Am Free (0:19)

I don't think I know
What it's really like being alone.
With the sky my home.
And my home just the sky.

I don't think I see
What it's like to live in peace.
I think I grieve, but I am free,
As so few are, in this life.

84 - The Dark, The Force, The Future (0:44)

Knocked you dead eye, as if I was a Jedi
Days go, some of us just step by
I'm on a cliff take a step, bye
I'm on my shit, catch my breath, feel alive again
Ready to jive again, throw a javelin
All my suicidal tendencies they had to end
Woke up every day like this day has to end!
I'm glad, and I hope that: I'll never be thinking that again!

But I was never really serious was I?
When I look back I think I can't have been but would I recall
If I was when I'm not at all in the mood was in
Stuck on negativity; rattling on stupid things
Gathering dark thoughts in my mind that made me mine pined
Wondering about the otherside of thine sky
But I'm high now and I'm happy to say I think I'm on course
Was on the darkside, but then I felt... the force.

85 - Come On Let's Go (0:34)

The world's cold, I don't want to do what I'm told
Top ten lists tell me not to be a rapper, though that's the path I chose
Should I choose another road? I don't want to fold
Got all the right cards and my car's on patrol

We start wars for Star Wars
Come on, let's go!

86 - In My Tomb At Home (1:15)

Sitting in my tomb at home...
I feel alone but fine cause I'm writing rhyme and then I took a stroll...
And then I ate my lunch and then I slowed my roll and then I watched One Piece...
And then I took a walk again and now I'm beat...

But you'll never get a piece of me!
Not this emcee! Not the Cyberdevil!
Know that I will never seize to be!
I'll leave so much material that I'll live forever!

But is that really what it means to be?
Should I let my fear of death steer my way,
Or is there no fear that tempts me to:
Write rhymes one whole day. Is it?

Sitting in my tomb at home...
I'm alone but good I'm feeling homely now, and I got a work to get to in a night, I'd rather stay here and just write...
And I keep thinking things... and I write them down and then you get a song...
I made myself a limit but I do wonder if I could keep on all night long... could I?

But you'll never get a piece of me!
At least not till I seize to be!
Maybe you can buy a small piece of decay on eBay,
And keep it in your aged cheese pantry!

I have dreams if you can't see!
But they all conflict like I'm buying candy!
And there's just so many many types soooo many types,
Could I keep on all night? I'm sitting in my tomb at home...

87 - Make Music (0:50)

I wanna make music you can truck to, or fuck to, throw on a loop get stuck to,
Right now it's more like old Kung Fu vids with dubs dudes saying stuff that's untrue,
What am my gun do, it's all a fun do but it's dumb too,
I'm sitting in some loop myself I need to undo, but it's too big of a loop to rewind!
I'll keep saying the shit I'm saying too many times!

88 - Shoot To Live (0:45)

I haven't written a poem in ages
The days go, all I do is turn the pages
I try to write poetry but rhythm rages
So it flows with speed I must go to read

Maybe Dr. Seuss or something inspiring
I've been listening to hiphop it isn't tiring
But I guess It would be best if I were tired when
I forget how to write poetry the spiral ends

And I'm a poet but I can't phrase it without thinking
About the flow I'm thinking how it should go
I'm thinking how it will be read thinking no one can read it but ME
That's not poetry, that's something completely obscene

Bobs scene, that's me it's my scene
In a rage in a mind riot hear my scream
Or my vow to silence to kill the violence
Four years ago I, was nineteen... and three

89 - The Flow (0:08)

I thought I caught the flu
Lucky it wasn't true
All I caught was the flow
So listen up yo

90 - Guess What (0:33)

I'll keep dropping bombs as long as it's an option
Just give me the number to somebody who's got them
Meanwhile I go with lyrics or wait, is that a metaphor?
Is this four letters more than the syllables in the pr?

Envious two lines! It grieves me now to find the structure,
Was all wrong but what the fuck sir,
What does it matter what does any of this matter
There's a storm inside my mind and I'm bending out the batter and guess what?

I won't stop! I won't stop until I drop! Or perspire.
Or till my fingers feel tired.
And I feel my pinky cramping man I knew that this would happen so guess what?
I think I'll stop.

91 - In My Garden (0:22)

What the...
What the hell...
Say oh yeah...
Oh yeah I...
Cannot try...
Try to be...
Grim and swift...
Like the sea...
Lift of this...
See through bliss...
I know this...
I notice...
I am outwitted...
Out sitting...
In my garden...

92 - The Starring (0:13)

Try to be the greatest
I do, but can I make it?
Try to be the best
My whole life is a test

I try to be a star
But I can't find my glow
And if I will go far
Where will I go?

93 - Nose Art Start (0:45)

Most people don't start with nose art like Mozart
Most people start with a portrait and four traits
Two eyes cold blue eyes and two lips it's true it's
The basics but hey kid you're talent don't waste it

Made a mistake when I was a little ninja boy
Climbing chairs I fell I used to scream with joy
I gleamed devoid of big dreams my toys
And food that was all I deemed deployed

I shoulda written songs shouldn't rhymed my time
I remember things I used to find sublime
Warm bath bubblebath what a mind I had
Shoulda written songs on a lined-up pad but

Most people don't start with work they just smirk
They just smile as a child and they think it won't hurt
When they grow do they know then the ocean is open
I'm hoping they'll know when they open their own pens

94 - Road Block Confetti (0:24)

Roadblocks scatter like confetti
When it's me driving I'm driving
Roadblocks scatter like confetti
Got my engine revvin, so get ready

Roadblocks scatter like confetti
When it's me driving I'm driving
Roadblocks scatter like confetti
Got my engine revvin, get ready

95 - Mind Dust (0:28)

Got rhymes, to post, many times, in a day!
Whether the weather is rainy or sunny funny or gray
I gotta rhyme on mind, every time all the time
I can't write all my lines, I don't have time to refine
Most work is finished and fine, it's like sublime design
Maybe I'm being benign, but if you're being a bind
Then I'll break away quick, give you a chip of my nine
I don't have time to queue, so I'll be cutting the line
I'm just dusting my mind. Later.

96 - It Rains Down (0:17)

It rains down
Rains rains
Rains down
Down upon a
Blank with
Damp with
Planks are
Lamps are
Rain is
It thins

97 - Like A Lone Drifter (0:37)

I wonder how it started...
This morning when I woke up...

I don't think I pictured...
I would ever speak like this...

I wonder when the thought came...
Was it the sun or the rain...

Was it the clouds that loamed by...
Like a lone drifter, on the road...

98 - In So Long (1:09)

Sitting inside again, living in my dream
Not at the end I'm somewhere in between
Riddles are my friends, they keep me dazed
Keep me gratefully crated they keep me safe

And they keep my dreams at bay! I'm locked in
I want my beastly face to play - like Hopsin
Tell the world what I've got to say what stops him?
It's not hiphop if I jot a lot and then bin it

I've been in it for so long I forget!
What comes next.

Went from stop to finish, missed the start
And I've got to dim the menace, it's been dark
Only words can jerk the art from my scarred heart
A whole carte! Like a whole cart from Walmart

I'm scarred by a lot of stalling
Relentless closed-wall-ins, nights and dark mornings
Plights that I'm calling insights now
In this light they don't seem quite as appalling

I've been in for so long I forget it!
I'd better get ready.

I never ate lots of squashed spinach
But I should've, to prop up the mop of my image
Somewhere along this plot I mixed hiphop in it
Now I pour out all that I've got in this bi'niss and it's the

Same old flow full of shame and woe
Same old lines full of pain and slice of life
The same old life full of fight and plight
You know how it goes, as soon as I get on the mic

And then it's all right.

99 - Sunday Afternoon (0:36)

I wrote this on a Sunday,
I hope that that's OK,
I wrote this in the morning,
And then it turned to day,

I wrote this on a Sunday
I had so much on my mind
But I guess I just felt like
Writing some rhymes

So here we go, for the last time
Here we go, my last chimes
On my: voice recorder I hope
Cause in the order of dope
The voice recorder is poop
So when I get back to you next time
I'll be on a real mic

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