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The Ejay Story

Out of all the programs I use to make music Ejay is a favorite since it lets me accomplish more than any other programs do in a really short amount of time. It works with predefined samples, meaning you just combine short loops of riffs or beats or sound effects in a few different layers and easily manufacture nice music without having to write the notes yourself.

Since it works with predefined samples many people look down on stuff created with it, seeing it as a program used by rookies or people without any musical skill. They say things like "It's not really your work" or "You didn't spend more than 5 minutes on that! I spent an hour on my track, so it's obviously better". Now I'm not saying their track isn't better, but I'd like to give the world my point of view on this unjust waveform of thought.

Regardless of the time it takes to make a track, or the effort involved, the final result should be all that matters. Some of the tracks you'll find here didn't take long to compose, others took much longer than they should have; JSYK they're not all made with Ejay. This is where it gets unfair. Some people assume everything I make is made with Ejay since I give the program so much praise. I've received critique for work that took days to compose with FL Studio from people who believe it's made with Ejay and thus don't recognize the effort. They don't dislike the music, they dislike the program.

A regular review for an FL Studio track can sound something like this: "This sounds good, but it's made with Ejay so it sucks". Maybe I should take that as a compliment, the music must be good if people think it's just a mash-up of professionally fabricated samples. When the critique targets a track actually made with Ejay it's a different thing, though I still can't relate with the thought that a track that sounds good is not good if it didn't take more time or effort to compose. Isn't this just another step in the ladder of technological evolution? The reason all these programs were created in the first place was to make things easier for us; save us time. I hope any numbskull still retaining such an illogical view on musical creation undergoes a heavy renovation of opinion while reading this post. ;)

But hey, this is a democracy, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe you don't like Ejay for some reason, that's fine, just don't take it out on good music. Setting all our Ejay differences aside - I have fun making the music I make, I enjoy listening to it in finished form and I really hope you do too. That's what matters. The experience.

Browse away and let the crazy sounds play!

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