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The Nuke Box

As I've mentioned (if you read the other pages in which I mention things) I write a lot. I've written since as far back as I can remember, probably further, and it's not only poems or stories, it's music too. Actually it's mostly music. For most of my lyrical compositions the work ends when I lift my pen from the paper and the notebooks pile, filled with cursive components that will probably never see the net of a speaker... but I do record things every once in a while.

Recently I threw together a couple of mixtapes with my lyrics, which you'll find somewhere in that menu to the right. Listen to the Chimes series for more words and vocal work, without music. It's like poetry recited with a rhythm. Abstract.

There's a little wasteland of recordings listed below, better known as the 'Nuke Box'. This place is inhabited by various bits and pieces that have nowhere else to go, that are left out, incomplete, abandoned or just without a home of their own.

There's no music here, just various vocal tidbits I've both written and recited. Some tracks are more complete than others and there are currently 8 in the mix. It'll give you a little taste of how I sound and what my texts are made of. Hope you like!

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