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Unsorted Loops

Here's a little selection of loops and other small pieces of audio I've composed that aren't listed collectively elsewhere. Some of these just might be of the better loops I've ever made too, if I may say so (of course I may, it's my site) myself. Check out Klastrophobia or Speed to see what I mean, they're both tiny, fast-paced and they loop perfectly. ;)

Asylum (0:20)

Break The Chain (0:06)

Creep (0:13)

CyberAcid (loop) (0:06)

Difference (loop) (0:13)

Enter (0:20)

Hiphop Loop 1 (0:15)

Hunt (0:13)

Klastrophobia (0:06)

Klastrophobia 2 (0:07)

Newest (0:10)

Scratchin (0:15)

Speed (0:18)

Suspense (0:08)

Warp Away (0:12)

Waxup (0:07)

Note that this is far from a complete list of all loops otherwise unlisted, if you want more you better check all tagged loops.

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