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Musicalish #114

Old but gold, and a few new from YouTube. It's music, yeah!

The Jokerr - Dead Horse. A Final Word to Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Funk Volume amd Strange Music, and a pretty inspiring track too. It's old, but surprisingly relevant with the recent Funk Volume break-up.

Lucky - Seconds Away. I do wonder why this dude's not famous yet.

Rittz ft. Stevie Stone & CES CRU - Stop Breathing (Audio Only) And I'm glad this guy is! If you're looking to hear how he sounded before, check out this mixtape with less known tracks he's been featured in.

Dan Bull - DARK SOULS III EPIC RAP. Still going with the gaming raps! ft. Pia Mia - Boys & Girls. Somehow I stumbled upon this.

Bebe Rexha ft. Nicki Minaj - No Broken Hearts. And this. :P

Pink - Just Like Fire (Audio Only)

Grouplove - Itchin On A Photograph

bbsnypur - Yuri Station AMV

Andrew Huang - SONG CHALLENGE: FOOD. Two commercials, one video!

The Jokerr - Sidekick. The diss track mentioned in the first video, maybe?

The Jokerr - Ever Before. Now that's awesome.

And that's all.


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