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Musicalish #128

I watched these guys live too, last week. Will be posting about them in a minute. :) Sleaze rock... it's like a mixture of glam rock and punk isn't it? Not always Rarely ever meaningful lyrics, but plenty of energy!

Backyard Babies - Highlights

Backyard Babies - Bloody Tears

Backyard Babies - Th1rt3en Or Nothing

Backyard Babies - Look At You

Backyard Babies - Brand New Hate

Backyard Babies - The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)

Backyard Babies - The Clash

Backyard Babies - Minus Celsius. Gotta be my favorite this one. It was the best one at the concert too.

Backyard Babies - A Song For The Outcast

Backyard Babies - Dysfunctional Professional

Backyard Babies - Roads

Backyard Babies - Roads (Clean Version). Seems a bit unnecessary with a clean version just below the other one, but it seems these are 12 official videos they have so...

they should probably make it 13 or nothing.


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