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Musicalish #154

Another double cause there's still too much good music out there! A bundle of new and old in this one, and some new old, like this stuff.

Grouplove - Good Morning. Nothing like this to start the day! :D And once you've woken up...

Lucky ft. Sam Stone - You're Not There (MIAMI)

Ewan Dobson - Bonus Stage - Dental Floss Guitar!

Tom & Juho from MadCraft - "Blink-182 - Don't Leave Me" (Acoustic Cover)

Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give It To Me

Stevie Stone - Eat (Audio Only)

GG Allin - Antisocial Masturbator (Audio Only). Don't ask.

B.o.B - Air Bender

Machine Gun Kelly - Young Man (Live)

Andrew Huang - Wild new music device!

Common ft. Stevie Wonder - Black America Again

Dan Bull - ENDLESS ELDER SCROLLS RAPS - Songs of Skyrim. And if you thought the last one was long, here's enough for a solo post! ;) Getting tempted to give these games a play sometime. Sometime.


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