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Musicalish #163

Another edition of that musical medley! Starting to feel like it might be, but with the occasional tracks like this it still seems like all but...

The Jokerr - No Longer Useful. Written for an artist/friend he kept under his wing; turned against him.

P!nk - Get the Party Started & Just Like A Pill (Live @ BRIT Awards, 2003)


China Mac - Grinding (Audio Only). Removed, and there doesn't seem to be any copy around. :/ Original link here.


Above Waves - Fugitives

Andrew Huang - Every word in this rap is in alphabetical order.

Walk Off The Earth - 5 Peeps, 5 Years Later (Anniversary Video)

Chris Rivers ft. Derez D'shon - Chose Me

Andrew Huang - Sick Beats.

Mac Lethal - Rapping After Eating the Hottest Pepper in the World

Murs - Survivor (Audio Only)

D.P. - Don't Copy That Floppy. It's the official video, now Digitally Remastered!

That rapper who goes by the name of DP (Digital Protector)? It's M. E. Hart, attorney of the law and rapper extraordinaire MC Double Def DP. From a time when DP didn't mean anything else, and sponsors such as Macromedia and Pixar could co-exist in the same credits! Both the company that started up Flash, and the one who grew to pretty much take over the stage of animated Hollywood blockbusters entirely. I hadn't seen this one before now, but such nostalgia! :D Were things really better back then? Hell yeah. Even the commercials.


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