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Musicalish #165

Here's some life advice for you. Have a listen.

Watsky - Lovely Thing Suite Part 1: Conversations

CES Cru ft. Mac Lethal - The Routine (Audio Only)

CES Cru - Slave

CES Cru - Average Joe

MacLethal - Rapping From 0 to 60

Walk Off The Earth - "Ed Sheeran - Shape of You" (Cover)

Linkin Park ft. Kiiara - Heavy (Official Lyric Video)

Murs - GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)

Grouplove - Hollywood (Genero Official Selection)

Jidenna ft. Nana Kwabena - The Let Out

Leo Moracchioli - Musil. Not really a music video, but well played. Pondering if posting stuff like this has a place here, but then again I have been making exceptions for Andrew Huang some time now...

The Jokerr ft. Masetti & Dubbs - Till I Fall. Original video was unfortunately taken down - probably because of the feud between The Jokerr and Masetti. If you still have it, please let me know!

The original link is here.


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