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Musicalish #166

Some new, old and creative music y'all! Have fun.

The Correspondents - Fear & Delight. Here's a new artist I stumbled upon. Interesting first impressions. :)


Leo & Stine Moracchioli - Come As You Are (Cover)

Tech N9ne, Darrein Safron & Stevie Stone - Put Em On (Audio Only). Still not sure about that new guy. I question his motive and mantra.

Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off The Earth) - "ZAYN & Taylor Swift - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever" (Cover)

Jidenna - Bambi. Not the kind of music I'd usually post/listen to... gotta admire the style though. Another place. Another time.

The Jokerr - Music As A Hobby (Audio Only). It's not just a vent this time, but a straight-up dis in response to this. That link used to be included in the description.

melodysheep - ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind - Official Trailer. Not really a music video, but it's by melodysheep! Melodic too.

Andrew Huang - Creative ways to use samples in your beats!

Andrew Huang - Going back in time! Watch the above first. ;)

The Jokerr Feat. Reckless Anxiety & ZERK - Dark Energy (Remix) (Audio Only)

The Tough Alliance - Neo Violence. Random Swedish band I just found out about.

That's all.


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