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Musicalish #177

Here's a post dedicated to one of the most original rap names in recent years: Froggy Fresh, AKA Krispy Kreme, AKA Tyler Cassidy. I've posted some of his music before, but here's the ones I hadn't.

The true story behind his persona was just recently put out, and as for the music: it sure has evolved! From top to bottom better, to not so good, to humble beginnings...

Froggy Fresh - The Fight

Froggy Fresh - Dunked On

Froggy Fresh - Street Rangers

Froggy Fresh - Christmas

Froggy Fresh - Halloween

Froggy Fresh - Denzel Washington

Froggy Fresh - Stolen Bikes

Froggy Fresh - Coolest Guys

Froggy Fresh & Money Maker Mike - Haters Wanna Be Me

Froggy Fresh - Girl Work It. The worst of the worst...

Froggy Fresh - Best Friends

Froggy Fresh - The Baddest. But not really - see above.

To be continued...


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