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Musicalish #206

There's been some pretty good music this summer! I'm catching up...

Hopsin - The Purge

Token - Patty Cake

Madchild - Black & White

Watsky - Yes Britannia

CES Cru ft. Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone - Plenty (Audio Only)

MURS ft. Rexx Life Raj - Shakespeare On The Low

Andrew Huang - 900,000 SUBSCRIBER METAL SONG. And before it was over he got to a million too!

Rittz - Dork Rap (Audio Only)

Madchild - Corleone (Grafitti Video)

Machine Gun Kelly - Let You Go

Chris Rivers ft. Lydia Caesar - Old Thing Back

Linkin Park - One More Light. RIP Chester. :/


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