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Musicalish #223

Does this guy have a two two too? Nah, it's Drake! Impeccable impression, and by a female no less. Sketch, but mostly music commence...

IISuperwomanII - Drake Goes Trick Or Treating On Halloween. Guess which Youtuber I'll be eternally subscribed to now!

Mac Lethal - FAST RAP - 400 words in 1 minute. And now for the alternate by-little-margin-overridden feature of this post! Lethal as ever.

Aithen - Choose Between You (Audio Only)

Walk Off The Earth - NOMAD (Lyric Video)

Beard Guy @ Walk Off The Earth - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. It's not even December though.

Tech N9ne - Drink Up (Audio Only). What's happening Tech?! Maybe you should slow down a bit. These newest tracks... not really digging/vibing/relating to them anymore.

P!nk - Beautiful Trauma. Tatum Channing?! Unexpected collab Hell Yeah! :D

China Mac - Bounce Back. The PBSA and Phenomenal vibe is catching on. :) Kung Fu + Hip Hop? Epic trend.

Eminem - Walk On Water/Stan/Love The Way You Lie Medley (Live @ SNL, 2017). Skylar's as amazing as always, but that beard...

Monster Truck - Don't Tell Me How To Live. I found a new favorite! Or at least a new band to follow. Getting some real Audioslave vibes here, and the set's impressive.

Blink-182 - M+M's. They sure were different back then.

Your Favorite Martian - ALIEN. And finally, here's a classic! It's far off the mainstream, but for a while I had this one looped all the time. Every day. Relatable. Emotional. Creative. Amazing.

Also check out the teaser for Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington (Recap Video) and Lil Peep's last interview! I didn't know about this guy at all until now, but I'm happy to be introduced to his craft. Hope he lives forever in our minds and keeps inspiring; changing lives with the work he managed to put out before he was. 21. So young...

Was planning to include a Logic interview before this one appeared, but I guess I'll throw in that as well. Best interview I've heard in a long time, with a name to match, and the last was just as gold. Always as inspiring to hear a wordsmith with vision; purpose behind their craft.

I've been a bit disappointed with his most recent guest verses, but this redeemed a lot. Great mind.


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  1. kieran
    Saturday Dec/2/2017

    i knew it was lilly singh before i even opened the link in youtube

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/3/2017

    Seen the video already too maybe? :) She seems pretty known already! Always fun to stumble upon supertalents I didn't even know about. Subscribed now though so I'll be missing out on any future surprises...

  3. kieran
    Monday Dec/4/2017

    before i saw it on the site no, i havent seen the video

  4. Cyber
    Monday Dec/4/2017

    So these posts really are the #1 source for new, masterful, musical entertainment sometimes; even from the known and famous! :D

    Cool to know!

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