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Musicalish #278

Final catch-up dose from the summer season and just cause we got 'em a whole lotta autumn! Thought I'd start this one on the theme of (but don't miss Logic's Wu Tang collabo further below, among some strong others):

Dan Bull - Killshot Dissing Spree... BULLSHOT. No doubt you've heard of the feud? It's so unnecessary I'd rather stick with Dan Bull's take on it but...

Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Audio Only)... there's some real emotion in this one...

Eminem - KILLSHOT (Audio Only)...and real talent in this. I'm standing with MGK on this one though. It's like Em wasn't even responding. He has the power to end a career sure, but why? No reason... cue the theme song. MGK has all the more reason to be pissed off here. I really hope they get over their grievances and come to some kind of truce.

Dan Bull - HITMAN 2 - AGENT 47 RAPS

Walk Off The Earth ft. Giorgio Michael - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. It's a little early but...

Dan Bull - STEEL RATS - Bikers Rap

¡MAYDAY! - New Blessings

Above Waves - Chi City (Audio Only)

Above Waves - New Originals (Audio Only)

Dax - Rap God Freestyle (One Take Video)

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