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Musicalish #297

How about some Gorillaz again? With a dose in particular from their to me most memorable album of pre-millennium times. If they had any others.

I don't know about you but these guys always get me in a better mood. Somehow they make angst and melancholy all melodic and... somewhat soothing after all. And around this time I could use a round of this kind.

Ride through, the old and the new, the bold and the few, ride on...

Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today. Memories from one of the best albums of my memories, it started with this, here goes...

Gorillaz - Punk (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Starshine (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Re-Hash (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Double Bass (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Slow Country (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Sound Check (Gravity) (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - New Genius (Brother) (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - M1 A1 (Audio Only)

Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes (Storyboard). And now for something else, a little storyboard they made for one of their songs...

Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes (Unofficial)

...that a fan spent six years turning into reality! And got props from the ones and onlies. :) That must've felt pretty good.

Feels like a good way to end this play.

Right on.


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