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Musicalish #46

Music. Yeah!

Andrew Huang & Ally Rhodes - Los Angeles. He's at it again. Always new styles, new places, new collaborations. Beautiful tune.

Crazy Town - Megatron. So they finally came out with a new single! The first official single of their first official album in ages. It's not the CxT sound I remember, but I'm hoping the album will surprise! They're taking their time. Just hope they don't overhype this thing and never get around to it.

Thåström - Alla Vill Till Himmlen. I was looking around for this and found this instead, a track that just might've inspired the latter. Thåström isn't a completely new artist to me, but this track was a new old discovery. Blast to the past. 1989. The year it all started!

Walk Off The Earth - Feliz Navidad. A cover only Christmas can cover. ;)

ElonSkee - IDK. Montreality, providers of the greatest hiphop interviews you'll find online; occasional presenter of potential new talents. Here with ElonSkee and IDK, it's not bad!

His accent reminds me a bit of Kendrick Lamar.

Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - CXVPHER. Behind the scenes. Cool stuff. That's all!


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Dec/23/2014

    these hip hop tracks are hella sick!! Especially the second one, listened to it like 10 times in a row. Very reflective track...wish it was longer

  2. Doomroar
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    But... Dr S3C Crazy Town is not a Hip-Hop band... they are close to Nu-Metal if anything, if something... you need to check the Musicalish on Strange Music if you want some sick Hip-Hop.

  3. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/24/2014

    Whoo S3C, glad you're enjoying these groovy tunes... if you are? You mean that Crazy Town track? Reflective? :/ It wasn't bad, but...

    @Doomroar, Crazy Town are officially defined as 'Rap rock, nu metal, rap metal, alternative rock, hip hop, rapcore' so any one of those you wish for. ;) Some of their tracks are much more hiphop influenced.

  4. Doomroar
    Friday Dec/26/2014

    Hip-Hop influenced doesn't means that it is Hip-Hop... i wont call Linkin Park a Hip Hop group, not even the old one, Fort Minor however IS a Hip-Hop group.

  5. Cyber
    Friday Dec/26/2014

    Let me rephrase that: some of their tracks ARE hiphop. ;) Check this out:

    Some bands are hard to genre-alize.

  6. Doomroar
    Saturday Dec/27/2014

    Some of Linkin Park's tracks are also Hip-Hop (and way better than that link you gave me, it better be a satiric song... bling bling) and that doesn't makes them a Hip-Hop band; Similarly it is like saying that El P is a Jazz musician for that one time he made a Jazz album....

  7. Doomroar
    Saturday Dec/27/2014

    Except that unlike Crazy Twon El P did a good work.

  8. Cyber
    Saturday Dec/27/2014

    Heeey I like that song! It's the hidden/secret/bonus track on their second album, the ONE un-rocky piece on it. :P Yeah, it doesn't make them Hip Hop, but it makes them more than numeral. A band can be multiple genres.

    Don't think I've listened to El P, hmm... oh, he's that half of the Run The Jewels duo!! Dope indeed, but why you gotta jump on Crazy Town man. :/ They've taken casualties! And Shifty'll probably never really sound the same after his coma.

  9. Doomroar
    Tuesday Jan/6/2015

    Cause that one song you take to represent them is straight out of the most generic repertory of Lil Wayne.

  10. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/6/2015

    They go back before Lil Wayne though! ;)

  11. Doomroar
    Thursday Jan/8/2015

    But Lil Wayne keeps it real. And that's about the only redeeming factor to it.

  12. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/8/2015


  13. Doomroar
    Saturday Jan/10/2015

    I know... keeping it real is not really a "good" thing.
    But hey...

  14. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/10/2015

    Lil Wayne is giving keeping it real a new, more surreal, less real kind of real-keeping! Yeah...

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