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Musicalish #50

This spectacular one-time Muscalish special is dedicated entirely to KRS-ONE, a Hip Hop legend who's been around since the eighties, is hitting 50 this year and still going strong. The videos aren't all videos this time, but rather selected tracks from 21 individual albums by this one artist, courtesy of Doomroar - the Hip Hop connoisseur from Colombia. Enjoy!

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Album: Criminal Minded (1987) Track: 9mm Goes Bang

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Album: By All Means Necessary (1988) Track: My Philosophy

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Album: Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop (1989) Track: The Blueprint

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Album: Edutainment (1990) Track: Edutainment

Artist: Boogie Down Productions Album: Sex & Violence (1992) Track: Poisonous Products

Artist: KRS-ONE Album: Return of the Boom Bap (1993) Track: Sound Of Da Police

Artist: KRS-ONE Album: KRS-ONE (1995) Track: Ah Yeah

Artist: KRS-ONE Album: I Got Next (1997) Track: Step Into A World

Artist: KRS-ONE Album: The Sneak Attack (2001) Track: Hot

Artist: KRS-ONE Album: Spiritual Minded (2002) Track: Take It To God

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  1. Doomroar
    Monday Jan/12/2015

    "Hip Hop connoisseur" i wish, but not even close XD.

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/13/2015

    You're pretty acquainted with the genre man! ;)

  3. Doomroar
    Wednesday Jan/14/2015

    But far from being a connoisseur.

  4. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/20/2015

    Connoisseur, definable as: "someone well acquainted with *..." ;)

  5. Doomroar
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    Exactly Hip Hop is so big that i can hardly say i know it.

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/24/2015

    But... but you just said... or wait, my bad, I said that.

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