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Musicalish #78

And one last double batch before things calm down! So many videos. :O I had plenty of Flo Rida remixes waiting in the feed too, which I've skipped since I don't like it, and I don't love it either. Way too much hype for that one song. As for songs that deserve all the hype they can get, overhyped as they may already be...

Fort Minor - Welcome (Standard Version). The 360 version dropped just before I left - equally awesome!

Slaughterhouse - R.N.S.


Hopsin - The Pound

KINGS OF THE CITY - Doors Are Open. Beautiful. As is the whole album. Get it!

Horseshoe Gang Remix Contest - Praying To Get Dissed (Accapella)

Horseshoe Gang - Half A Meal (Funk Volume Response). Things are going down on the hiphop scene! :D It's the grand battle for half a meal. Food for thoughts. Ear candy. It's a rap.

Funk Volume - Free Meal (Horseshit Gang Diss)

Horseshoe Gang - Same Day (Funk Volume Diss)

Horseshoe Gang ft. K-Young & Kobe Honeycutt - Summers Mine

Machine Gun Kelly - Blue Skies

Machine Gun Kelly - Almost all for now!


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