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Musicalish #99

I was planning to wait until the whole Second Strangulation Cypher was out on video, and then post all of them at once. It seems that might take a while though, so here they are now! First three of the first four at least. And then a few others. It begins...

Tech N9ne - CYPHER I. The Strangulation Cypher begins!!

Tech N9ne ft. Stevie Stone & CES Cru - CYPHER II

Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Prozak - CYPHER IV

Adlib x Rob The Viking ft. Sensi-Starr - Mars Attacks

Andrew Huang - Bach's "Air on the G String". Creative!

Walk Of The Earth - It's A Wonderful Mic. It's kind of like a musical! :D An inspiring, Christmassy movie of untraditional WOTE caliber. And that's all for today...

UPD: For some reason the official movie was taken down. Replaced by the trailer above.


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