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My Best Bodyguard (2010)

My Best Bodyguard (2010)

What a waste. This movie had a lot of potential, but they just... wasted it all. Thai actors speaking English when they're much more conformable with their native tongue, trying to convey words of wisdom that don't translate well at all, their phrases lacking emotion... why do they keep doing this!? It's not just Thai movies, it's everyone outside the US acting like Hollywood rules the world. They don't. The Indie titles that hit are the ones who pave their own way, titles like Ong-Bak with barely any English at all. Culture isn't global. Maybe American movies hit because most people can relate to American culture, or because English is a global language and everyone understands it, or maybe it's just because they're so big, they spent ridiculous sums on marketing and people can't evade their work. But I'm getting off topic here...

The lack of personality and culture isn't the only aspect that pulls down the potential of this piece. There's also the main actress, she's just... one of those characters that I don't genuinely feel for, she's supposed to be a self-sacrificing heroine yet she's not kind to the people around her. Parts of the plot play on sympathy and there's none to gain.

The action scenes are great though, and towards the end they make up for a lot with action in particular, but it could've been better. The animated blood doesn't look very realistic. Message to the movies: stop trying to animate blood, the traditional effects were way better, even when the texture wasn't perfect.

And one more thing. In the credits they show how the main actress trips and falls headfirst into a concrete wall/floor, gets knocked out cold, gets stitches, gets wheeled out of the hospital to a crowed of cheering fans. Really? :/ After all these Jackie Chan movies this somehow seems so tame, like... why are they showing all this? The run-into-floor scene was enough, if that was it then I'd have had sympathy for the character, but then she gets plenty of sympathy from fans as the credits roll. It takes the edge off it, and that's pretty much how the entire movie is. I don't need to sympathize with her, because others do? Could that be it? It's an OK movie, but I never get a feel for it. There are needless sacrifices, neither law nor criminal elements that you gain sympathy for, nor a main character you gain sympathy for... nothing you can truly relate to even if there are plenty of relationships and causes that should suit everyone. It's professionally done, mostly, but it doesn't have that spark.

The plot? Something about a virus.

 rated 2/5: decent


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