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My Diet (0:55)

Crows, are sitting on a tree outside my house
I wish I had a backyard fountain
I wish I had a backyard first, but you can't get all you wish for
In this universe

Blackbirds these crows are but not really
Like brown beans look black and black black like jelly
With licorice and I know a bit of this
Cousine is a common interest between cooks and this emcee

I got a culinary history!
I used to eat good food, but then my stomach said: seize
And now I can't eat nor fried nor fat nor flour
Now where's the power in that?

My final hour! I really feel powerless man
I feel hourless, I just want to devour that jam!
In that glass jar! In the fridge where all flasks are!
All the things I can't eat of, so close, but damn far

It's not my own choice, my stomach has a vile voice
It speaks by itself and I hear it
And it tells me we have a scared bond: just like marriage
And when it tells me stuff I'd better listen or it won't ever keep quiet

So now I'm on a diet.


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