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My Good Heart

After the smashing my head incident I had a time booked to check my heart (per doctors request) for any faults it might have that caused the faint, so I went there yesterday and they poked around outside my heart with a grey plastic stick together with some cold cream and formed an image of it (the heart) on a screen through echo. Pretty interesting.

They had a pair of speakers blasting the beat in the background and a layer of colors over the heart they sometimes switched on and sometimes off. They spoke a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and after less than half an hour they were done, the doctor came in to check the results and told me everything was ok, though I did (still do, probably) have a hole between the antechamber (hope that's the right word) and some other part... though that was completely normal and nothing to worry about.

I do wonder why he mentioned it at all if it was completely normal, but wth, if he said it's fine then it's fine. To really check it out they would have to stuff some kind of tube down my throat and neither of us felt like that was needed anyway. I thought I'd get a bunch of bruises from their poking which was pretty brutal, but apparently they've mastered the art of brutal poking without forming bruises, so all's good and ends well.

Turns out I have a good heart after all. ;)


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