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My Name Is Modesty (2004)

My Name Is Modesty (2004)

Modesty Blaise was one of my favorite comics series for a long while... maybe until I figured out the patterns it consisted of. Some things were too predictable. Yet, every summer I get back to reading them, and every once in a while I find one that I haven't yet read. I hear the 'final episode' is stored in a safe somewhere, waiting until the creator's dead before it'll be published. That's kind of morbid, because of course I look forward to reading that episode, but at the same time I hope it'll be quite a while yet before Peter O'Donnell and Jim Holdaway meet the reaper.

The comics are great - despite the patterns. They feature a set of interesting characters, with distinct personalities, and more importantly with principles and moral that don't just make you sympathize with them but also somewhat admire and envy. The cinematic interpretation of this comic, however, I don't really agree with. Most of it takes place at a casino. There's very little fighting involved. The characters don't really match their fictional counterparts. And it feels like most of the movie attempts to explain the story behind Modesty - through flashbacks, stories, etc - rather than make anything new out of it. It's like a fictional documentary, and in that aspect it's completely pointless. Though there's a lot of dialog in the series too, there's also a lot of tension, and the fights are the highlights. To make things even worse, Though Quentin Tarantino didn't direct this movie, he presented it, which makes me expect all the greater things from it. But unfortunately, it was not all I expected and hoped it would be.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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