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I failed it. The first real examination in Japanese. The rerun is on Friday, which means I have only have two days to study for it, which means trouble. No, it doesn't mean trouble because there's only two days left, it means trouble because I have a lesson on Friday in another Japanese course which I can't be absent from or I'll most definitely fail that course instead. So which should I prioritize? Most definitely the one on which I should be rerunning on Friday. See, there is a maximum limit of 4 chances, and I suppose that if I skip chance 2 I'll still have two more to go, which should be plenty. I emailed the teacher and asked how we would be notified about grades/etc a week ago, and still haven't received an answer. I was going to call her yesterday, but was notified that her office hours are between 10 and 11 on Monday. So what should I do? Call her next Monday then and hope for the best.

University never turned out quite the way I pictured it. From the very start of it up until now I've had a much more unserious conception of this place I study in. On the very first day there there had been a double booking for the "big room" and we were forced to cram 70 chairs into a small space at the other end of the building. Since then there have been problems with the movies displayed, more problems, and problems on top of that, all of which I have blogged about earlier. The Japanese Realia course I study (the one that I have a lesson in on Friday) consists of half movies, half lectures, with simple answers after each event that are to be answered. No final exam, nothing. Since there was a slight misunderstanding concerning the schedule at the beginning of this course (my fault entirely) I ended up only doing the Japanese Realia part of Japanese I and not the Language part, which was the bigger part of it. I also had a small Japanese History before 1868 course beside that, and I just needed 7,5 more points to get enough for my study-money after one course had been dropped (believe it or not, here in Sweden we get paid to study). So, I picked up a small course about Dinosaurs. The course consisted of 9 question sheets, which were all very simple, and I've managed to get through them all in less than a full day, total time.

The Japanese History exam didn't go perfectly, but I never really considered failing an option. I've never failed at any tests I've actually studied for before. I've even passed quite a few tests without studying at all, so realizing that I've actually failed was devastating news. To think I'll have to write another eight page essay with the same content isn't a pretty thought. I realize now that the University is a completely different league, in exams, at least. Everything else has progressed just like before, deceivingly easy-peacy, no problems. Lets see how I solve this.

Btw, I wrote this a few days ago but was never even close to posting it on the blog, which is the reason why the days/times/etc are all messed up. I called my teacher two days ago and a date ( Jan 14 ) is set for the 2nd retry. Lots of studying to do until then, but I haven't started working on that yet. Today another catastrophe arose: I overslept. I even set my alarm clock the night before, which I don't usually need to do since I wake up automatically, but not this day, no no. It's the first time I've missed a university lesson due to sleeping disorder, and last, hopefully. I wonder how the day next week when I start at 8 will be (I was supposed to be there at 10 today).

Anyhow, I now have three absences, which is the maximum allowed before I get kicked out. Time to start abusing the alarm clocks snooze function and getting up an hour early, just incase. And I have to eat tons of garlic so I don't get a cold. :P My advice to you: skip university, get a job.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Dec/25/2017

    man wish I took that advice back in 2007...but then I came an eternal (perhaps future professional?) student

  2. Cyber
    Monday Dec/25/2017

    Yeah I wish I'd taken my own advice around the same time. XD Spent plenty of unnecessary years on even further studies after this, but at least they're good merits. Still knee-deep in studies? There was a time-limit to your plan though no?

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