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My Wife Is A Gangster (2001)

My Wife- Is A Gangster (2001)

All Korean movies are great. No exceptions! Well at least this one is not.

The movie idea is rather simple, it's about a female gang leader and her gang. It's also about her sister, whom she visits at the hospital after many years of them not seeing each other, who might not have very long left to live, and who tells her she would like to see her (the main character) get married while she's (the sister) still alive. So yeah, OK, the gang leader does it.

It's not a particularly orthodox wedding, or meeting, and from the start you could say the love is rather one-sided (the somewhat randomly though maybe fatefully selected man loves her, but she doesn't really give a shit), yet throughout the course of the movie things change, for better or worse. And then the sister says all she ever wanted was to have a baby.

There's drama, there's comedy, both good and bad people die, and then it all ends with one big final battle. It never gets as emotional as it could have (I feel they could've delved deeper into the relationship), but on the other hand I'm glad it follows a (mostly) light-hearted approach, despite the bizarre amount of brutality. The fights are great, fluid and crazy, as are the actors. Great movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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