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Acer Aspire M3802

The time came when I decided to get my own computer. This time came when the old computer could no longer handle all the games I tried to install, or newer versions of programs I needed in my everyday work (such as Adobe Dreamweaver), or eventually even log me in to gMail without me first reconfiguring the computer time due to the dead battery. The time has not yet come when I am bathing in mounds of money, so I chose a balanced budget/quality computer to last me an estimated and expected five years minimum. Here it is, and will be until 2014! Upd: Oh hey... it's 2015 already! Still going strong.

The floppy drive is gone, there is only one CD/DVD device, and the video/graphic cards aren't the best in terms of gaming performance, but other than that it beats the old PC in every single aspect. It is fast, light, and impressively quiet!

Acer Aspire M3802

Life - 2009 > Current

RAM - 3GB (Max 8GB)
- Intel E3300 (Dual 2,5 GHz)
- Windows 7 64-Bit (Home Premium)
- 320GB (160/160) (SATA)
CD/DVD (Double Layer)

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